IoT Global Connect

A leap forward in the way we help businesses connect across the globe

An IoT Managed Connectivity and eSIM solution allowing you to have seamless enablement of local access across the globe complemented by our extended roaming coverage.

Key Features

For international, high-reliability and seamless connectivity for your IoT devices, IGC provides global eSIM connectivity so that you can manage devices consistently, no matter where you are, and provide a better customer experience in a cost-effective way.

Strategic Partnerships

With leading carriers from Europe, Americas and APAC.

IoT Accelerator platform (IOTA)

A self-service platform allowing you to manage your IoT fleet of Sims through a single dashboard.

IoT SIMs and eSIMs

eUICC Trio (standard and industrial) or eUICC SIM CHIPs as well as standard UICC Trio and SIM CHIP SIMs.

IP connectivity to data centre

Via the open internet or dedicated VPN (VPN offer is separate).

Connectivity plans

Full range of Data, Voice and SMS plans available all on one single bill.

Reliability and security

Telstra offer a dedicated 24/7 support team for peace of mind whenever you need it.


Global Connectivity

Access Telstra’s network within Australia and carrier partner networks globally leveraging eSIM and roaming for a seamless transition of your IoT devices across multiple countries.

Leveraging Telstra IoT Global Connect, you'll also have access to APAC regional roaming.

You'll be able to roam across Southeast Asia supported by the IoTA Singapore PoP, reducing latency and improving customer experience.

Versatile and scalable

Manage your IoT fleet through the feature rich IoTA platform allowing you to also scale your deployment through eSIM for as many devices as you need.

Manage your connectivity

Focus on what you do best and allow Telstra to manage your connectivity needs through a

  • Single Agreement
  • Single platform (IoTA)
  • Single Bill
  • Single support team

Cost effective

Save costs and time by managing your fleet through a single dashboard using the IoTA platform and Telstra SIM for access into:

  • Australia via our Australian PoP
  • Roaming in APAC & Sinagpore PoP; Standard roaming offered elsewhere
  • Rest of world via eSIM and local access or roaming

Security and reliability

Through standardised mobile network access and the carrier grade IoTA platform and the single packet data core enabling connectivity globally.


Simplify hardware design by integrating the Telstra eUICC once into your device at manufacture.

IoT Accelerator platform at a glance

Step 1

IoT devices located across the globe connected via eSIM (and roaming) are accessed from advanced IoTA management platform.

Step 2

Once the device is deployed the eSIM either localises with a local carrier network or roams.

Step 3

The IoTA platform manages IoT connectivity, monitors usage and assists with diagnostics on deployments.

Step 4

The IoTA platform enables seamless transfer of sensor data to the customer server.

Step 5

IoT application server notifies customer by producing reports and/or decides action and instructs the sensor to act accordingly.


Why Telstra

With Telstra, you’re reaching out globally with simple, out of box connectivity.

Leveraging our global carrier partners and eSIM roaming capabilities, Telstra IoT Global Connect creates a seamless transition across international borders for your organisation’s IoT devices.


Telstra, with staff in 20 countries you will have someone to talk to locally as we help you manage your IoT devices across multiple countries and regions.

Locally in Australia

Telstra is Australia’s largest mobile network covering more than 2.5 million square kilometres of land. Our NB-IoT network covers around 4 million square kilometres, while LTE-M network covers around 3 million square kilometres. We have more coverage sites providing more reliable coverage for your IoT Solutions.

Getting started

Register here and we'll get back to you to discuss Telstra IoT Global Connect for your business.