Cisco Control Centre

Connectivity management made simple

As the number of IoT devices increase, you need tools to help solve complexity, security, performance and resourcing challenges.

Key features

Cisco Control Centre is an automated connectivity management platform to help you manage large-scale IoT services efficiently and cost-effectively. It provides insights on the status of your connected devices and data plans in near real-time, making it easier to manage IoT connectivity, security and budgets.

Automation, visibility, control

Improve your control of connected IoT and M2M services with a central web-based platform to help monitor connection status and costs, automate processes and manage service activity.

Automated provisioning

Eliminate faulty devices by testing your IoT and M2M solutions prior to deployment. Automate service activation at power-on and manage your services in near real-time online, or via an API.

Real-time diagnostics

Access near real-time online network-based diagnostics to view connectivity status for your IoT and M2M services, including session start date and time, data consumption, APN and IP address.

Better cost control

Assign an access plan to each IoT and M2M service, set automated coverage controls and alerts and get month-to-date and billing cycle usage data in near real time.

Analytics and reporting

Analyse data usage, costs, performance, provisioning and important usage trends and determine if your wireless IoT and M2M services are working as expected in the field.

Seamless system integration

Integrate key components of your Cisco Control Centre service, including service management and reporting, though standards-based API.


More reliable services

Access near real-time data to help detect potential problems and resolve them fast without sending people on site. test

Improve operations

Help reduce labour and machine downtime costs by responding quickly to changing environmental conditions using voice, SMS and location-based services.

Greater insight

Maximise the efficiency of your connected devices, locally and globally, and plan ahead with insights gained for detailed usage, costs, performance and provisioning data.


Our wireless services can be managed and deployed quickly and efficiently for use within Australia or when roaming overseas in many countries. Providing you with remote access for your business.

Downloads for Cisco Control Centre

Automated connectivity management for all your IoT devices to accelerate your time to market, lower costs, increase reliability and take control with actionable insights.

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With Australia’s largest IoT network, we are invested in advancing IoT adoption in Australia. And we are committed to ongoing platform enhancements so you can be confident in your IoT investment.

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It’s not about the data you collect - it’s what you do with it. Our IoT solutions are built with simplicity and integration at their core, empowering you to focus on the outcomes, not the tech.

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