Managed Cost Optimisation

Get visibility and control of your ICT spend

Around the globe, businesses are looking to fully understand their communications and ICT environment- what they own, where it resides, and who pays for it. Telstra’s Managed Cost Optimisation offers a range of fully managed customer solutions, customisable as per requirements - to provide greater visibility, more control, and management of your telecom and ICT spend. With our advanced reporting, we offer data and insights necessary to help you make informed business decisions on future communications strategy.

Together with our industry partners, Telstra provides the assurance that the technology behind your business is expertly managed, giving you the greater peace of mind and more time to focus on your core business.

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Key features

Telecom expenses

Liberate your workforce by leveraging usage and assets analysis in-line with contracts, orders and invoices combined together.

IT systems

Manage the extent to which the chargeable IT assets are used, thereby simplifying complete assurance management

IT & Cloud

Drive cost optimisation by standardising devices, equipment & technologies in IT systems and applications, hosted in the cloud including networking and security.

ICT Services

Get cost optimised ICT services such as cloud, network, security, mobility, remote office, devices, infrastructure, managed services and much more.

Software Licenses

Improve ROI by rationalizing and optimizing your software investments, considering quantity, contractual agreements, and supporting audit obligations.

Business Processes

Enjoy greater savings by focusing on business processes and systems rather than expenses and profits.


Reduced complexity

Optimise ICT spend, handle inventory management, bill payment, procurement, invoice management and other functions through a single platform.

Increase core business focus

Simplify business processes and spend more time focusing on your core business rather than managing telecommunication and ICT services

Improved productivity

Reduce repetitive manual ordering and reporting tasks with automation of ordering, approvals, invoice management and reporting customised as per your requirement.

More visibility & greater asset control

Complete visibility of what assets you own, who owns them, where are the services located and a greater control of ICT spend and usage.

Better customer advocacy

Make informed business decisions with business intelligence and insights to support smart business decision making.

Access to Telstra expertise

Get access to expertise, knowledge of TEM solutions, and operational best practice that’s too time consuming to develop in-house.

Detailed cost analysis

Implement policy controls for greater transparency of telecommunication spend and control costs with our expense management and asset management services.

Greater efficiency

Gain greater insights with detailed customisable reporting and usage analytics, streamlining your bill management processes and increasing efficiency.

Connecting the dots isn't always easy

How do you take advantage of opportunities while avoiding unnecessary risk to your business?


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