Payment Options

Select the payment option that best suits you.

Paying your bill made easy

Take the hassle out of managing your bills and never miss a payment again with Direct Debit. This service deducts payments directly from your credit card or bank account.

You can choose from two options:

  • Direct Debit Automatic - Pay the full amount on the due date automatically.
  • Direct Debit Fixed - Deduct a fixed amount every fortnight or month.

Manage your Direct Debit options by logging in to Your Telstra Tools.

If you aren’t registered for Your Telstra Tools, please visit our Direct Debit page.  

Things you need to know

  • Your request may take up to 5 days to be processed, and will take effect from your next bill.
  • If your bill is outstanding, you will need to pay this bill before you can put a Direct Debit arrangement in place.  If you need to make an immediate, one-off payment, please visit our online payment page.
  • To cancel a Direct Debit you have in place, you can use our online form to manage your request.

Pay with your Credit Card

You can choose to pay online with your credit card (fees apply) or Bank Account any time.

You can also pay via Your Telstra Tools using your credit card (fees apply), bank account or direct debit payment from the billing page. You can also track the last 6 months of your payment history from the billing page.

Alternatively, call 1300 369 666 to make a one-off credit card payment.


Credit Card Payment Processing Fee

If you choose to pay your Telstra bill by credit card, then a payment fee processing fee will apply:

  • The rate for MasterCard, VISA and America Express is 0.30% of the payment amount, plus applicable GST
  • The rate for Diners Club is 1.67% of the payment amount, plus applicable GST.

If you'd rather not pay the credit card payment processing fee, you can choose one of our other ways to pay your bill.  Your options include using cash, bank transfers, BPAY, cheque and EFTPOS.

Other Payment Options

  • Use your telephone or online banking service, and use BPay® code 7773 and your Telstra account number as the reference to pay your bill.
  • Pay in person at any post office by cash, cheque or from your cheque or savings account with your debit card.  A payment administration fee of $2 will apply for bills paid at the post office.
  • Send a cheque along with remittance advice to:
    PO Box 9901
    Melbourne VIC 3001
  • If you have a 13 digit account number, you will also be able to pay using PayPal.

Need extra time to pay?

We understand that you may sometimes need a little extra time to pay your bill. That's why we're happy to consider any requests for payment extensions.

Things you need to know

  • Please be aware that any payment extension applies to the entire account balance, not just the overdue amount. 
  • You will need to pay your entire bill within 14 days, and a late payment fee of $15 may still apply as the extension is outside of your bill due date.