Why go digital?

Today, your customers are more likely to search for goods and services online. So, to give yourself the best chance of reaching clients and staying relevant, you need a strong, multi-platform digital presence. You also need a strategy to protect and maintain your online engagement. We’re here to help you make that happen.

How to go digital with Telstra

  1. Get a free digital checkup

    Complete a 5-minute online assessment to receive a report on ways to improve your digital strategy.
  2. Engage a business expert

    Consult with a small business expert to assess, tailor and enhance your current digital journey.
  3. Advance your digital journey

    Take your digital journey further by discussing recommendations in-depth with business experts.
  4. Check out our exclusive Go Digital partner offers

    Gain access to exclusive partner offers after completing your Go Digital consult.

Digital transformation services

We're here to help you thrive in the digital landscape. Our free Go Digital Tool helps you to assess your current digital strategy. To help you further your journey, our Go Digital Consult provides guidance based on your business's needs.


Get a free digital checkup with our Go Digital Tool

Complete a 5-minute online assessment to receive a report on ways to improve your digital strategy. Delivered in step-by-step format, your roadmap will help your business plan its journey in the digital landscape.


Take your journey further with a Go Digital Consult

Maximise your digital potential by booking a 45-minute phone consultation with a business expert. Designed to help you get connected and engage online, your consult will include guidance on how to collaborate with software and protect your business in the digital landscape.

Go Digital Consult

$0 for a limited time* valued at $149

*Valid until 31st Dec 2021

Book a consultation with a business expert and receive guidance to help advance your digital journey.
  • 45-minute phone consultation
  • Report of recommendations
  • Digitisation roadmap
  • Help to get connected
  • Techniques to engage online
  • Advice on collaborating with software
  • Guidance on how to help protect your business

How a go digital consult can benefit your business

Plan your digital future with a local team

Running a small business in Australia comes with its own unique opportunities and challenges, which is why your consult is led by an onshore expert who understands the local business landscape.

Gain insights from a tailored assessment

To maintain momentum you need a bespoke plan for your business, which is why your consult includes a tailored assessment designed to help you advance your digital journey.

Work with experts who know business

Your consult is led by a business expert who can offer help with tech, marketing, network and software solutions that are best suited to your needs.

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