Telstra Platinum customer update

Telstra Platinum one-off support and subscriptions will no longer be available to new customers from 01 March 2024. Telstra Platinum subscribers can continue to use their Telstra Platinum subscription and access all of the features and benefits. See more information on your current Telstra Platinum subscription.

Exclusive benefits for Telstra Platinum members

No fix. No fee. That's our Guarantee

For our One-off and Pay on Demand services. Excludes Subscription services.

Access to dedicated support

You can have 24/7 access to our dedicated tech support over the phone and online.

Secure Remote Access

We can make getting help easier with our remote access tool.

Non-Telstra tech

We can help set up and protect your other technology like computers, gaming consoles, smart home devices and printers.

What type of technical support do you need?

If you are currently a Telstra platinum member, you can choose the level of technical help for your Telstra and non-Telstra tech that best suits your needs. Our Platinum service includes:

Online and phone support

24/7 phone and online support from dedicated technical experts

In store help

Access to tech support experts in retail stores during trading hours

Personalised help

 Personalised coaching, including help on how to use webcams, printers, emails and internet

Device care

Advice to maximise device capabilities, diagnosis and solution of technology problems including the removal of viruses

Smart gadget support

Support for most Australian supplied internet enabled gadgets including computers, smart televisions, smartphones and tablets

Software support

Support for common software including iTunes, Internet Explorer, Firefox, MS Office and anti-virus

Before deciding whether to contact our Platinum team, Telstra offers a range of standard support services for our Telstra products. Support for faults is part of included service for your Home Broadband or Mobile service when purchased from Telstra.

What Technical issues can Telstra Platinum help with?

Bought your own gear? No problem we take care of non-Telstra devices. We work with all major brands, and the list is constantly growing.

TV & Streaming Services

Get expert help to connect your TV to your WI-FI, or stream Netflix, Stan and Foxtel.

Email & Virus Protection

We'll help you detect and remove spyware and viruses, and help you keep them out by configuring what you already have.

Data & Photo Backup

Get expert help saving your data onto hard drives or cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, One Drive & more.

Computer & Software

We'll help keep your computer running at its best speed with support with software and printer connectivity, so you can focus on being your productive best.

Mobiles & Tablets

Our experts can help sync your mail, calendars, and photos from Apple, Samsung or any brand of android smartphone or tablet.

Questions about Telstra Platinum? We can help

Telstra Business Services

Do you own a business? We can help you build a stronger digital presence.

From 01 March 2024, Telstra Platinum is only available for existing customers with existing subscriptions. Services are not available for some devices and software. The cost of any software/hardware is not included in the price of the service and you are responsible for any data charges. Fair Use Policy applies.

Support for faults is part of an included service in your Broadband, Home or Mobile service when purchased from Telstra. Telstra Platinum supports all tech in the home whether from Telstra or not.

Full terms can be found in Our Customer Terms at 

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