Automation in Mining & Energy

Digitally transform with intelligent automation

We are the single point of contact partner for all your automation solution needs, highly experienced in solving OT challenges and IT/OT convergence, with validation before implementation, to help you build a more agile, digital, resilient, and sustainable future.

Key features

With increased pressure to cut costs and improve productivity, automation in Mining & Energy industry is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Automation will promote transparency across your organisation value chain, to help enable real-time decision making, eliminate duplication of hardware and software, ensure safety of critical systems, reduce unplanned downtime, and provide efficient use of resources.

Since our recent recent investment in an engineering and automation company, Telstra can now help our Mining & Energy customers transform their business operation model to a future-focused way of working.

We work with you and your team to develop an end-to-end vision of the outcomes and strategy to get there, then formulate a road map to guide you on your journey.

Consultancy & Project Management

We provide expert advisory services for strategic development, operational improvement and technical advice across the lifecycle of the project.

Industrial Automation Services

We specialise in delivering solutions across all major automation technology platforms and across SCADA, PLC, RTU/Telemetry, SIS & DCS applications.

Operational Technology & Cyber Security

We have expertise across major platforms, supporting critical infrastructure networks and systems. With skills in variety of IT/OT & ICS disciplines

Digitalization MES & MIS

We offer ISA 95-compliant manufacturing execution systems, management information and historian systems, empowering organisations to transform real-time data into information and actions.

Machine learning for preventative maintenance

Utilising Machine learning to find behavioural patterns in data from the many sensors on and around our customers process assets, to indicate degradation, failure mode, and causality.

Electrical Engineering and Design

Working across the project lifecycle our team offers a complete range of services including: full electrical design package including power reticulation HV/MV/LV/ELV, MCC, RTU, control panel etc.


Improved operational efficiency

Automation reduces time, effort and cost, whilst reducing manual errors, giving your business more time to focus on your primary objectives.

Improved decision making

Real-time data analytics, AI to make informed decisions and act fast

Improved quality and consistency

Automating processes helps to ensure high quality results as each task is performed identically, without human error.

Staying compliant

As everything is traceable and under control, automation ultimately ensures better compliance with relevant regulations.

How it works

We can create flexible customised automation solutions to fit unique needs and situations, adapting and producing new technologies to suit a wide variety of environments.

Leverage our end-to-end automation from concept to completion with services and everything in between, so you can maximise output, reduce risk, minimise costs and optimise operations.


  • MES & MIS solutions 
  • Predictive analytics; Operational efficiency 
  • ISA 95 Compliance 


  • Expert advisory services for strategy & innovative solution development
  • Operational improvements 
  • Cost benefit analysis

OT & cyber Security

  • Audits, investigation & system maintenance
  • Current security posture, NIST, IEC-62443 & Essential 8 
  • 24/7 incident response

Industrial Automation

  • Expertise across all major platforms and across SCADA, PLC, RTU / Telemetry, SIS and DCS applications
  • Vendor/third party management

Manufacturing & Installation

  • Construction management 
  • power, control panels, MCC construction & instrumentation 
  • Skid fabrication
  • System commissioning 

System Support

  • 24/7 Rapid response 
  • IT/OT support
  • Obsolescence management 
  • HV maintenance

Why Telstra

Enable Efficient Digital Sites

Work with our 1500+ technical expert team to improve your production times, automate your processes and systems, and foster team collaboration.

Engineering Services Capabilities

Where we differentiate is our ability to marry our extensive industry knowledge with available technologies and delivery of turnkey electrical and control system projects. This results in robust value-based solutions for our clients.

Industrial Automation Expertise

Our automation and control solutions are developed with both quality and value in mind. We follow proven design and development methodologies structured to ensure our solutions meet or exceed our customer’s requirements.

Plan a smooth transformation

Expert advisory services for strategy development, innovative solution development, operational improvements and technical advice across the lifecycle of a project. We combine a unique array of application experience and technical skills to offer analysis, insights, comparisons, perspectives and recommendations to help our clients make informed decisions for the future.

Getting started

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