5G Business Internet

Remarkably fast 5G for your business. Really good value.

5G Business Internet uses mobile network to deliver rapid download speeds and high data capacity. Enjoy the latest 5G Internet Modem 2 included with your plan, plus $1 for first month then $85/mth.
Offer ends 1 July 2024. Average download speed of 309Mbps and upload speed of 33Mpbs (typical range 50-638Mbps) 9am-5pm. See full 5G Business Internet offer details.

Why choose us for 5G Business Internet?

No lock-in contract

Keep your current internet running as you try out 5G. Just $1 for your first month. If 5G doesn’t suit you, cancel anytime.

Offer ends 1 July 2024.

Remarkably fast 5G speeds

Stay competitive with rapid download speeds on our 5G network.

Plenty of data for your business

Huge 1000GB of super-fast data.

If you go over your data allowance, you won’t be charged extra, but download speeds will be slowed to 25Mbps and upload speeds to 5Mbps.

Simple set up

Plug in and work. No install required so you can get on with business with less interruptions.

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This might be because Telstra 5G Business Internet isn’t yet in your area, or even if 5G is in your area, we can’t offer you 5G Business Internet until there is enough network capacity to offer the best 5G Business Internet experience.

If you want fast, reliable internet now, go to our business nbn plans, or for internet on the go check out our mobile broadband options.

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Try 5G Business Internet on a flexible no-lock in plan

If you’ve already got internet with us you can switch to 5G and get the latest 5G Internet Modem 2 included for use with your plan.

Available to Telstra business customers in select areas only.

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5G Internet Modem 2 included

Get seriously fast speeds with our 5G Internet Modem 2 included for use with your plan:

More reasons to choose Telstra 5G Business Internet

We monitor our network 24/7

Our cyber security team is constantly monitoring our network to protect your data from suspicious activity.

Get local support

Call our local team or visit your nearest store for support with your 5G service.

Free express delivery

We’ll deliver your new modem fast and free to your address. 2-3 days metro. Regional up to 7 days.

Get wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage.

Stay connected in more places of your premises by adding the Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster Gen 3 to your plan.  It works by pairing with your Telstra 5G Internet Modem 2 to boost the Wi-Fi signal and help extend your coverage to every room. See coverage details.

Alternatives to 5G business internet

If 5G Business Internet isn’t available at your address and you want fast, reliable internet, check out our nbn plans and mobile broadband options.

nbn plans

A fast, reliable connection that's great for businesses of up to 10 employees where everyone's working at once.

Mobile broadband

Enjoy the freedom of a portable internet connection you can use at work or on the go.

Frequently asked questions

You can connect any Wi-Fi capable devices on your premises to the 5G modem, from PCs to notebooks, and set top boxes to smart appliances. You can also connect up to 4 devices via ethernet using the 4 ports on the 5G modem, and a USB device via the modem’s USB port.

Your business premises may be in an area that hasn’t got 5G coverage yet. Or you may be in a 5G area, but that area has reached its maximum capacity of 5G Business services.

5G Business services are limited. If the maximum capacity for 5G Business services in your area has been reached, then you won’t get the best possible experience. If this is the case, we won’t be able to complete your 5G Business Internet order.

Remember, we offer a range of internet services built for business.

Explore business internet

Set up is super easy. The advanced 5G modem connects wirelessly to the Telstra 5G mobile network so there are no ethernet cables. Just plug it in where you get the strongest 5G signal on your premises, as close to a window as possible. A strong signal will be indicated by a green light on your modem. The 5G modem will then connect with your devices via Wi-Fi.

You can use the modem placement tool in the My Telstra app to help find a strong signal.

Message us for further help

No, the 5G Business Internet plan does not support a landline or fixed phone line service. All our nbn plans include a landline at no extra cost.

To explore our nbn service, visit business nbn plans.

You could, but it’s unlikely. 1 terabyte (TB) is a thousand gigabytes (GB) of data.

To give you an idea, we estimate that you could do all of the following activities and still use less than 1TB in a month:

  • Send and receive 40,000 emails
  • Use the internet for 2,000 hours
  • Stream high-definition videos for 365 hours or 171 hours for 4K video
  • Post to social media for 5,600 hours.

What happens if I do go over the 1TB allowance?

You won't be charged, but your speed will be slowed to 25Mbps. To help you manage your usage, we let you know when you've hit 50, 85 and 100% of your data.

You can check your usage within the My Telstra app.

We’re expanding our 5G Business Internet footprint all the time, so keep returning to this page to check if your address becomes eligible.

Check your address

Yes, once you’ve confirmed you’re happy with your 5G Business Internet service, you’ll need to cancel your existing internet service if you want to avoid paying for two connections.

We recommend doing this within the first month, so you aren’t charged for two services when your first month at $1 ends. Please note, this offer ends 1 July 2024.

To cancel your existing business internet service, contact us.

We recommend not cancelling your existing internet service while you try 5G Business Internet, to make sure it’s right for you.

If you haven’t cancelled your existing internet service, you can simply cancel the 5G business service and return the 5G modem to us in good working order.

To cancel your 5G Business Internet plan, call us on 13 20 00. Once your service is cancelled, you must return the modem within 21 days of cancellation to avoid late return fee.

We’ll send you an email with an eParcel consignment ID. Then, simply take your eParcel consignment ID and 5G modem to your nearest Australia Post store and they’ll take care of it from there. We’ll cover the postage so there’s no cost to your business.

This is the easiest way to return the 5G modem and allows you to track the modem on its journey back to us. If you already cancelled your existing internet service, you’ll need to take up a new plan.

5G Business Internet has average download speeds of 309Mbps (9am-5pm). The service has a typical download speed range of 50-638Mbps (9am-5pm). Speeds will change over time.

Speeds experienced may be slower over Wi-Fi and can also be impacted by other factors such as the distance and line of sight between the serving 5G mobile tower and the modem, the number of users online, where your modem is located and how far you are from it, weather, congestions and your on-premises set up.

We don’t recommend running both the 5G internet and your existing business internet service at the same time, as Wi-Fi networks can interfere with each other and cause device connection issues. We recommend you unplug your old modem completely before setting up your new 5G modem.

If you’re happy with your 5G internet service, we recommend you cancel your old internet service to avoid paying for a service you’re not using. We’re giving you one month at no charge so you can decide whether 5G Business Internet is right for you.

No, your existing Telstra internet service remains connected. This is so you can confirm that you're happy with your 5G internet service while you take advantage of the first month at $1. Please note, this offer ends 1 July 2024.

Once you're happy, you can cancel your old internet service. We recommend doing this within the first month so you aren’t charged for two services after your first month on us ends.

No, your 5G modem is locked to the address you provide when you take up your 5G internet plan, which means you can only use the 5G internet service while at that address.

If you are moving to a new address, you'll need to cancel your existing 5G Business Internet service and order a new one.

For fast 5G internet you can take with you on the go, the Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro mobile broadband device offers next-gen speeds with no excess data charges in Australia.

Explore Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Pro

Yes. 5G Internet uses the same technology as the 5G mobile network and has been extensively tested to ensure it meets independent health authority requirements.

Read more on 5G safety

Find out more about 5G

  • Service not available to all areas or all premises. Initial checks may show you are eligible for this service however actual availability will be confirmed after order.
  • Changes to your plan your plan may change (including price and inclusions). If you don't like the change, you can cancel your plan. If you cancel within 24 months, return your modem.
  • There may be changes to your plan with price and inclusions. If you don’t like the change, you can cancel your plan. If you cancel within 24 months, return your modem.
  • This plan does not include a fixed voice service and you will not be able to use it to make or receive calls or support a lift, security or medilarm.
  • Not compatible with Telstra Air, Telstra Broadband or 3 for Free broadband top-ups.
  • Speed: 5G Business Internet has average download speed of 309Mbps (9am to 5pm). The service has a typical download speed range of 50-638Mbps (9am to 5pm). Speeds will change over time.
  • Average and typical speeds may be slower over WiFi connection and can be impacted by factors such as the distance from the serving 5G mobile tower, number of users online, where your modem is located and how far you are from it, and whether there are obstructions between your modem and the 5G mobile tower.
  • Average and typical speeds are into-the-premise speeds measured at the modem. Speeds over Wi-Fi may be slower. Download speeds were measured at the in-premise modem during the busy evening period between 9am-5pm weekdays over a representative time period, typically ranging between 50 and 600Mbps and upload speeds typically ranging between 10Mbps to 90 Mbps. Once you exceed your included data allowance, your speed will be capped at 25Mbps, and slowed further in busy periods until your next billing month. There is no option to top up your data or move to a higher data plan.
  • If you cancel your plan in the first 24 months your modem must be returned via our eParcel service (we will provide details in an email to you once you cancel) in good working order within 21 days of cancellation or a $400 non-return fee will apply.

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