Meeting Rooms and Conferencing

Stop emailing and start a conversation

You get more done when you’re working face-to-face. Make strong relationships, empower seamless interaction and collaborate in the way that suits you best, all built around your enterprise calling and collaboration infrastructure and delivered from the cloud.

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Create a workplace of the future with immersive meetings, interactive training, and virtual workspaces. We’re your one-stop-shop to tailor unique app and in-room solutions to your needs and manage them for the best results.

Cisco Webex

Calling, meetings, messaging, and events in the cloud for teams of all sizes.

Pexip Enterprise Room Connector

Connect your video conferencing and collaboration platforms with a single solution.

Telstra T-Rooms

Integrated audio-visual and video conferencing solutions for your meeting rooms.

Microsoft Surface Hub

Installation, AVI integration, apps and training for Microsoft's interactive collaboration device.

Custom Audio-Visual solutions

For all your unique and bespoke audio-visual (AV) and video conferencing requirements.

Pexip Enterprise Room Connector

Pexip provides interoperability between video meeting and collaboration solutions. It joins standards-based video conferencing devices from vendors such as Cisco, Poly, Lifesize and others together with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Google Meet and other conferencing platforms.

Insights for Conferencing

Creating our own culture

At Telstra, our people are empowered to create their own working culture through conferencing technology. That means face-to-face meetings wherever attendees are and on any device they choose. By working together, they’re achieving more.

[Title] Future Ways of Working.

[Gwilym Funnel, Director, Collaboration Practice, Telstra] Future way of working is a concept about how do I constantly innovate, how do I leverage for changing technology, for changing environment, the changing science about how we can become more productive and more engaged.

[Nicole Birbas, General Manager, Future Ways of Working, Enterprise Services – Business Support and Improvement, Telstra] We're asking people to take control of their day and we're empowering people to be able to choose the best area for them to be most effective and productive.

[Helen Lea, Director, Enterprise Services – Business Support and Improvement, Telstra] You genuinely can rethink the way work is done, bring incredible productivity but also excitement and fun to the way that work can be delivered in the future.

[Nicole Birbas] People connecting with each other in person rather than via email and they're building stronger relationships with each other.

[Gwilym Funnel] You're not just applying a technology change, you’re also applying a business change and a cultural change and you create an organisation that people want to work for.

[Gwilym Funnel] Remote working really gives people that flexibility to balance their life, but it also allows you to start thinking about well how do I distribute my workforce to maybe get a better outcome rather than having a centralized workforce.

[Nicole Birbas] It's starting to change people's perspectives of who we are and how we operate and what it means to work in an organization like this.

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A suite of leading technology, in one place

Transform your people and workplace with a full suite of integrated collaboration, cloud and connectivity solutions from our experts and leading technology vendors.

Extensive, fast and reliable network

Connect to new opportunities around the world with a subsea cable network that reaches more than 400,00km – enough to circle the world almost 10 times. You can access more than 2,000 PoPs and connectivity in more than 200 countries and territories globally, on a network consistently ranked amongst Asia’s most peered IP networks by Oracle Dyn’s Internet Intelligence.

Keep up with the latest innovation

Our accredited team and award-winning industry partners invest in innovation to make sure you benefit from the latest thinking.

End-to-end view for better performance

As a network operator and services provider, we can give you more visibility of your IT systems and structures. We also make managing your IT simpler by offering technology and service as a complete, integrated solution with one port of call for support.

Getting started with Conferencing solutions

Telstra’s world class network, people and partnerships and adaptive capabilities can help you shape, define and realise your business vision.