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Integrated audio-visual and video conferencing solutions for your meeting rooms that are simple to buy, simple to use and simple to manage.
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T-Rooms take the complexity out of meeting rooms with a range of preconfigured off the shelf meeting room solutions for any sized space. They save you time and cost in design and installation, along with offering ongoing management and support.

Designed with reliability, simplicity and the user experience front of mind, T-Rooms help you increase collaboration and productivity within your business and deliver a human-centric workplace.

T-Rooms include all the required video conferencing hardware (display screen, microphones, cameras etc), professional installation and four years of helpdesk and on-site support.

Hybrid working solutions

Focus solutions 2-3 people

Huddle solutions 2-5 people

Small space solutions 3-5 people

Medium space solutions 6-10 people

Large space solutions 11-15 people

Introducing T-Rooms

Meeting room solutions couldn’t be easier. Choose your room type, conferencing platform and display size to get started. 

We are spending more time than ever in meetings and wasting more time than ever on technology that's too complicated to use. Heard that before? Introducing Telstra T-Rooms. Off the shelf meeting room solutions that will work with all common conferencing platforms.

How does it work? It couldn't be easier. Simply choose from one of the preset room types by selecting how many people would be in the meeting or the function of the room. Let's go with medium space solutions. Next, select the conferencing platform you want to use. Now select the size of the display. There you have it. A preconfigured medium sized meeting room from Microsoft Teams, with all the necessary bill of materials included.

No need for additional components. It's all included. T-Rooms have a fixed monthly cost. Or as always, there's a CAPEX price if needed.

You may be asking yourself a few questions, like can I add more rooms later? Absolutely. Just follow the same steps for more rooms. What if our requirements are more complicated? No problem. Come talk to us. We will find the right solution.

T-Rooms is the result of years of creating meeting room technology solutions for our clients and finding common ground and user experiences that work every time.

Finally, we have a simple, off the shelf, user friendly meeting room solution set that you can purchase with ease and confidence.

For more information, talk to your client partner who can arrange a briefing session with our video and workplace design team.

Or email t-rooms@team.telstra.com for more information.

Key features

Designed for any room size

T-Rooms are preconfigured off the shelf meeting room solutions for any sized space. They are suitable for working from home and hot desk solutions, huddle and small spaces, medium spaces, and large rooms.

A bundled meeting room solution

T-Rooms include all the required video conferencing hardware, professional installation and four years of helpdesk and on-site support.

Simple to buy

Off-the-shelf solutions can make finding the right option for your meeting rooms and collaboration spaces easier than ever before.

Pre-designed with various payment options

T-Rooms bundled solutions are pre-designed, saving you the cost of consultancy and design. You have the choice of upfront or monthly payment option available across 48 months.

Remote and onsite support

All T-Rooms solutions include a 4-year helpdesk and onsite support component that offers peace of mind for the life of the solution. You can choose to extend this further to include features such as out of hours cover, remote monitoring, permanent onsite technicians, and proactive alarming and repairs.

National coverage

Our technical field services team provide Telstra expertise for all installation and support services in cities, regional and remote communities, nationwide.

Tested solutions

T-Rooms is the result of years of creating meeting room technology solutions for our clients and finding common ground and user experiences that work every time. Solutions are designed with the right technology to offer users consistent high quality meeting experiences.



Preconfigured, off-the-shelf and easy to order, T-Rooms takes the complexity out of procuring your meeting room technology.


T-Rooms can be tailored and applied to any sized space, with flexible support agreements and flexible payment options.


From one meeting room to 100, T-Rooms can scale as your business requirements change. 

Cost effective

T-Rooms are a pre-designed, bundled solution, saving you the cost of consultancy and design.

Improved employee experience

By standardising the user experience across your meeting rooms, T-Rooms improves productivity and overall employee experience.

Additional services

Additional services for T-Rooms

Sometimes you need some extra support to get the best outcome from your meeting rooms. Find out about our complementary services for T-Rooms.

Telstra can also offer several complementary services to help in your journey to T-Rooms.

Planning workshops to assess your current situation and help you understand the technology available today. We'll then guide you to make decisions as to the most appropriate T-Room solution.

Room Audits. Let us take stock of what tech you have in your meeting meeting rooms and collect the information required to recommend the best T-Room solution for each space.

Training and Adoption Services. We have a comprehensive training programme that can be tailored to your specific needs. It could be train a trainer, a number of change champions, or train all your staff. We're flexible.

Old Technology Recycling Services. We can organise the decommissioning and disposal of any existing systems prior to the installation of your new T-Rooms.

Interop Solutions. We can help ensure that all your meeting room technology speaks the same language and works seamlessly with one another.

Support Upgrades. We can elevate the support already included with T-Rooms to include premium features such as out of hours cover, remote monitoring, permanent onsite technicians, and proactive alarming and repairs.

For more information, talk to your client partner who can arrange a briefing session with our video and workplace design team.

Or email t-rooms@.team.telstra.com for more information.

T-Rooms assessment

Understand which technologies are available and get guidance on appropriate solutions for your physical spaces and underlying collaboration platform.

T-Rooms training and adoption

Help your teams get the most out of your meeting room solutions with a bespoke, comprehensive training program that can be tailored to your needs. It can include simple to follow guides that are customised and branded for your organisation.

T-Rooms audit

If you don’t have the time or resources to complete a room audit, we can conduct a physical audit of all your existing meeting rooms for you. The audit will include measurements, determine wall reinforcing requirements for your builder, identify potential audio issues, and help you decide the best T-Rooms configuration for each room audited.

T-Rooms platform workshop

Help your ICT stakeholders understand the practical application of your chosen collaboration platform across a range of disciplines; including solution architecture, network traffic flow, and naming conventions all the way through to account creation, operational management and monitoring tools.

Case studies

Case study

DP World

Solutions providing E2E capability interoperable to connect different technologies

[Title] Cloud collaboration powering global trade. DP World case study

[Ian Harvison, Head of Technology, DP World Australia] DP World is a leading provider of smart logistics solutions. We enable the flow of trade in and out of Australia and we operate terminals all across the country. The IT challenge that we were facing was that we had multiple communication platforms, and we needed to consolidate those into a single unified solution.

The solution that we've adopted with Telstra is T-Rooms for Microsoft Teams. The T Rooms solution enables us to move to a fully managed environment where we didn't have to worry about the equipment purchase.

We didn't have to worry about the connectivity of the equipment, and we didn't have to worry about the interoperability. That's all provided through T-Rooms as a managed service. The other thing it means is that we can actually increase the number of rooms we need across the company, without having to go through a capital acquisition program.

[Michael Barrett, National Efficiency Manager, DP World Australia] Now because it's become so much of a habit forming and then it's actually so efficient and quick, we're starting to use IT much more in our day to day work. It's portable, you can do it from home, you can do it offsite, you can do it from wherever. To share information as you're talking is very, very intuitive, it's very easy.

[Ian Harvison] The partners through Telstra and Microsoft were actually able to collaborate better on a mixed environment. So, the interoperability and being able to connect different technologies into our T-Rooms is a key differentiator for us.

At DP World we're forward-thinking. We anticipate change and we deploy industry leading technology. In choosing a technology partner, we wanted someone that thought outside the box and provided a solution that was not

only meeting our current needs but would also assist us into the future.

What T-Rooms enables us is to meet in the office and work from home.


More about T-Rooms

Telstra T-Rooms for Microsoft Teams

Single collaboration platform for your Business. Microsoft Teams rooms world class cloud collaboration solutions brought to you by a leader in network, voice and meeting room technology

T-rooms from Telstra is a selection of pre-configured off-the-shelf meeting room technology solutions for any size space. Designed with reliability simplicity and user experience front of mind.

Introducing Microsoft Teams rooms from Telstra. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that provides Teams located anywhere with the ability to work together and collaborate, start chats, share files,

schedule and attend audio or video meetings, plus so much more.

But how do you take this familiar collaboration platform into meeting spaces seamlessly?

Introducing Microsoft Teams rooms. Using reputable brands like Poly and Crestron, Telstra provides a range of high-definition audio and visual Microsoft Teams room solutions for focus rooms, huddle spaces, small medium and large meeting rooms.

You can join Microsoft Teams meetings with a single touch. Secure in the fact that the audio and video has been optimized for the room you are in. Add participants straight from the touch interface using the directory or with Telstra calling for Office 365, your team can make landline and mobile calls all in the same user-friendly environment they expect.

Get the most out of your team with Microsoft surface hub 2. Far more than a screen or computer, a surface hub is an all-in-one computing device that empowers collaboration like never before. Seamless document and application sharing, brainstorm together with Microsoft whiteboard and collaborate across devices. Surface Hub with touch screen and precision inking experience will redefine the future of meetings and collaboration.

Microsoft Teams rooms, a single collaboration platform for your enterprise. Meeting security and compliance demands with ease. Available on a simple monthly subscription as part of your familiar Telstra service. Microsoft Teams rooms, world-class cloud collaboration solutions brought to you by the leader in network, voice, and meeting room technology capability.

Like to know more? Reach out to your Telstra client executive to arrange a time to discuss further with Telstra’s video and workplace design specialists

Frequently asked questions

We’re here to help, talk to your Client Partner who can arrange a briefing session with our Video & Workplace specialist team. Alternately please feel free to email T-Rooms@team.telstra.com with any questions you may have and we’ll get back to you straight away.

T-Rooms solutions can only be deployed to use existing displays if they meet our requirements. No other existing equipment can be utilised. T-Rooms are all about keeping things simple, we provide a solution which is pre-tested and is designed to be reliable and work everytime.

Yes no problem, you can pay everything upfront or the cost can be spread across 48 monthly payments.

The majority of the time no works will be required but we will provide guidance as part of the initial project planning if we need anything to happen.

At the moment this isn’t an option, we are looking at ways to enable this in the future without jeopardising the reliability of T-Rooms.

Yes of course.

No, not at all.

Whether you need some guidance, or just want someone there to help things along we offer a range of professional services for T-Rooms deployments including: service enablement, interoperability, platform workshops, training and adoption.

Give us a call on 1800 011 080 (option 2) or email vc.servicedesk@team.telstra.com for helpdesk and onsite support.

Why Telstra

Broad industry and deep AV expertise

As a leader in video conferencing and collaboration, we are well positioned to create and deliver end-to-end business video solutions that help you work and communicate effectively.


Together with Microsoft and Cisco, we’re co-developing innovative solutions to help power your business goals in a secure, productive and future-proof way.

All managed end-to-end

Through a simple, single point of engagement we help manage your meeting room solutions end-to-end, including any add-ons and optimisations to promote longevity and ongoing value.

Getting started

Register your details here and we’ll get back to you to discuss T-Rooms for your business