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Service Capabilities

From keeping your mobile workforce connected to digital citizen engagement, our experienced, skilled team has a proven track record designing and delivering innovative solutions tailored to the needs of your council and community. And it’s all underpinned by our leading Australian network and enabled by our investment in innovation and security.

We work with your agency to bring together key solutions, integrate infrastructure and leverage external skills and capabilities to provide foundational mission-enabling capabilities.


Be sure your network and devices are protected from end to end, around the clock through our core commitment to security.


Ensure cost-effective management and control of your infrastructure through flexible cloud management platforms and self-service portals.

Mobility Solutions

Empower your people with engaging mobile solutions that let them work the way they prefer.

Unified Communications

Make it quick, easy and intuitive to collaborate and engage with omni-channel contact solutions backed up by in-depth analytics.

Internet and networks

Enable citizens, staff and stakeholders to connect and engage with innovative technologies, underpinned by high performance networks, data centre and cloud solutions.

Internet of Things

Spend less time on administration and more time helping people in your community through digitising business processes.

Case Studies for Local Government

Uniting one of Queensland’s most iconic regional hubs with Telstra
Longreach Regional Council taps Telstra to overhaul its regional MPLS infrastructure, paving the way for better network access and some incredibly innovative initiatives at one of Queensland’s most iconic outback hubs.
How connectivity is helping Anindilyakwa Land Council reclaim its identity
Anindilyakwa Land Council partners with Telstra and Pinnacle IT in order to provide secure and reliable access to critical services for the entire community.
Port Macquarie-Hastings Council
More than just uncovering issues, Telstra Purple’s security risk assessment enables Port Macquarie-Hastings Council to follow best practice itself.
Innovation across Australia
From Launceston, Tasmania, to the City of Casey in Victoria, Australia’s smart cities are working with Telstra to improve connectivity, introduce smart services and enable data-driven planning and innovation. Hear their stories here.

Tablelands Regional Council

Telephony in the cloud: Telstra, in partnership with RMT assisted Tablelands Regional Council in migrating to the Microsoft Teams Calling solution, enabling telephony integration, and enhancing communication capabilities.

[Title] Taking telephony to the cloud. Integrating calls through teams.

AMANDA HENDERSON (Manager Systems and Information, Tablelands Regional Council, QLD): We’re located up on the Atherton Tablelands. It’s a beautiful area filled with rainforests and lots of hills and agricultural industry. We have approximately 11,400 square kilometres of area that we cover and obviously across that area that requires a lot of remote working and associated with that is connectivity challenges.

So our phone system was becoming end of life, it was out of date and we were starting to see business disruption with failing hardware. Because it was a single point of failure for us it was causing challenges if we did have issues with our hardware, we actually lost complete phone services across our council.

JIMMY BOSANQUET (ICT System Engineer, Tablelands Regional Council, QLD): To mitigate this risk, we engaged Telstra Enterprise partner, RMT and Telstra as our partner to move to Telstra Operator Connect and to utilise the Microsoft Teams platform. So basically what the Operator Connect platform has provided us with is a cloud based model which handles all our call routing in the digital world. This almost removes the reliance on any sort of office space itself. From a technological point of view we've moved to a much more secure and simplified space.

JENNI: So the other thing that the Teams platform being fully cloud has enabled us to do is mobilise wherever we need to to actually set up to manage a disaster. We are a cyclone prone area and it is something that we actively prepare for and practise for on an annual basis. With Microsoft Teams, we can now basically pick up our staff, give them devices and set them up anywhere that we have an internet connection.

5G has added to the capabilities of the staff working remotely. They are seeing greater speeds in the field, which enables them to go about undertaking their day to day jobs, their processing on their iPads. Loading data into their systems via their mobile devices has been a lot more efficient since we’ve had the 5G connectivity in the area.

So we’ve been a Telstra customer for quite some time. And so for us it was a very simple decision. As a council, we have further plans to have more and more staff working out in the field, being able to deliver their services and their functions remotely and utilising the Teams platform will provide us that greater capacity.

Why Telstra?

Trusted coverage on one of the largest fibre footprints in Australia

From multiple fibres in every capital city to coverage in regional and rural centres, Telstra owns one of the largest fibre footprints in Australia.

Improve security and compliance

Our experts help you understand, manage and mitigate risk to meet your legislated compliance requirements.

Let us co-create your government solution

Telstra designs, supplies and supports your solution in partnership with you, from end-to-end.

Expertise to match your needs

Draw on the experience of our global experts and business partners to design, build and manage complete integrated solutions, whatever your requirements.

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