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Innovate, compete and grow faster

Our Cloud Services can help you improve staff collaboration, enable a mobile workforce, find innovative ways to reach your customers and transform your IT environment.

We offer world-leading, ready-to-use cloud services underpinned by Australia’s largest and most reliable network. Our cloud experts can bring these together to create, deploy and manage the cloud solution that’s right for your business.

We’ve helped thousands of companies to implement a sustainable cloud solution that gives them a competitive edge and supports their business plans, and we can help you do the same.

Whatever your business goals, the chances are our Cloud Services can help you reach them sooner with choice, control and confidence.

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Discover the possibilities of public cloud

Consume high performance computing resources as needed with a choice of public cloud services, offered as virtual and dedicated servers, so you get the ideal mix of clouds to suit your diverse business requirements.

Public cloud services can free your business from the potentially expensive costs of having to purchase, manage and maintain on-premises hardware and software infrastructure.

Public Cloud


Public cloud solutions

Telstra Cloud Infrastructure

Secure virtual data centre on your choice of hardware.

Deploy applications consistently in multiple locations in Australia and overseas.


Virtual Storage

Take control of your cloud. Centralised enterprise-grade storage lets you access and move your data, with optimised connectivity to multiple cloud platforms.

Amazon Web Services

Empower your business with the world leading Amazon Web Service cloud platform through Telstra – with the added confidence of Cloud Gateway for security and application performance.


Microsoft Azure

Get the cloud on your terms with Azure, the global cloud platform that’s agile, scalable and purpose-built to seamlessly integrate with your existing Microsoft IT environment.


Control how you stack up

Our private cloud solutions provide you with a choice of physical hardware and locations where you can deploy your hardware, allowing you to maintain total control.

Our solutions are pre-integrated into the Telstra Next IP network, tested and designed to offer the same features and benefits of public cloud infracture and bespoke architecture that public clouds can't support. This provides you with full control over your data and physical security.

Private Cloud


Private cloud solutions

VCE Vblock System

Vblock systems comprise Cisco servers, EMC2 storage and VMware virtualisation pre-integrated into a single unit. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit a wide range of application requirements.

Data Centres

Unburden yourself from data centre maintenance. We offer a choice of secure, state-of-the-art facilities through our data centre providers, so you can co-locate your physical infrastructure while having direct high capacity access to our network.


Choose a self-managed or fully-managed, Hybrid or Multi-Cloud

We offer a comprehensive view of all your clouds for complete self-management by your organisation.

Alternatively, we can look after all your day-to-day cloud management tasks so you can focus on your business. Either way, we offer a seamless approach to cloud management so you can maximise business value, no matter what your cloud strategy.


Cloud Management Platform

Enables collaboration between your C-Suite executives and IT managers when optimising cloud benefits.

Powered by RightScale®, this service ushers in a new era of simplicity and is ideal for orchestrating large and complex Hybrid or Multi-Cloud environments. 

Managed Public Cloud

Our expert teams will manage your cloud for you while you get access to cloud reporting benefits.

This service is ideally suited to a relatively small or mid-sized multi-cloud environment.

Fuss-free and ready to go

Focus on delivering more value to your business while we provide carefully selected applications and solutions from leading suppliers to suit your business needs.

Free yourself from tiresome builds and customisation. Our infrastructure applications deliver flexible, scalable services required to run Cloud Infrastructure-based solutions. Or use the applications ready to go from the Telstra Apps Marketplace - many of which we use ourselves.

Applications & Solutions


Microsoft Office 365

The complete productivity suite. Email, share calendars, instant messaging, video conferencing and file sharing.


Collaborate on documents with anyone – inside or outside your organisation. Readily integrates with over 100+ applications.

Managed Backup

Robust daily backup of your virtual environments, offices, network-attached storage, servers and more to our Australian data centres.


Big Data Platform

Big Data Platform enables you to collect, combine and explore huge amounts of data in one place with advanced analysis and visualisation tools for faster time to insights

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

Start automating your common developer tasks for flexibility and control – without bottlenecks. New ideas and apps within your organisation will be launched more quickly, without compromising on control, compliance and efficiency. You’ll streamline the entire development process with advanced tools and expert support.

Microsoft Exchange Online

Get the benefits of cloud-based email without sacrificing the enterprise-class capabilities of Exchange Server.


Cloud product catalogue

Find the Cloud for you

Fast track you exploration and find the right cloud for your business with our product catalogue.

Cloud consulting services

Get the advice and support to help you succeed

We’ll work with you to select the right design, optimise your transition to cloud and assist with ongoing operation of your chosen cloud solution.

Our customers

Sydney Catchment AuthorityTelstra provides cloud infrastructure for sophisticated data modelling with additional availability as required.


News and insights

How a jump to the cloud can lighten your footprint

Australian businesses could collectively save $1 billion and 4.5 million tonnes of carbon emissions a year. Calculate what your organisation could save by moving to Telstra cloud.

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