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Internet of Things
Powering Australian
business towards a
connected future.

Internet of Things is enabling transformation
across all industries, giving businesses access
to information and control like never before –
improving operational efficiency, asset utilisation,
cost efficiency and customer experience.

We are technology optimists.

We believe that technology has the power to do wonders.

Imagine billions of objects and devices connected to each other and the internet.

From cars to cows, playgrounds to power grids, vending machines to entire villages, every 'thing' can work together to work smarter.

Internet of Things (IoT) combines the power of connectivity with the possibilities that come from smart data. It promises amazing opportunities for innovation, driven by insights from data analytics and near real-time connectivity.

IoT allows you to automate or informate areas of your operations to:

  • Create efficiency
  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Drive innovation

By connecting things, we create new ways of doing business and ultimately, living life.

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Expand, extend and enrich your business with IoT

Businesses that have already started using IoT platforms and solutions are seeing a competitive advantage. Using embedded sensors, they enable devices to collect, send and even act autonomously on data they acquire from their surrounding environments or one another.

Our world-leading scalable IoT stack supports millions of devices, providing you with everything you will need to successfully implement an IoT solution - all underpinned by Australia’s largest and most reliable mobile network.

We have a large range of services, including cloud IoT platforms, to give you the ideal mix of services to suit your diverse business requirements - with choice, control and confidence.

Navigating IoT transformation

M2M blueprint demo

Explore our interactive connected M2M town to see how your business can realise these benefits.

Launch our M2M blueprint demo

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How we can help transform your organisation

Connectivity and hardware

Choose from a range of IoT and M2M plans, SIMs and hardware, designed for a wide range of business needs.

Delivery logistics

Simplify the management of your rugged device fleet.

Platforms and services

Whether it’s helping you to develop an IoT or M2M solution or giving you tools to make managing devices and connectivity easier, we can assist.

Vehicles and assets

Help improve efficiency, productivity, security and safety by tracking or monitoring vehicles, equipment and valuable assets.

Connectivity and hardware


Choose from a wide range of data plans and SIMs to suit your IoT or M2M solution connectivity requirements.

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Telstra IoT Coverage


Our comprehensive range of Telstra certified devices cover all of your IoT or M2M solution sensor data requirements.

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Platforms and services

SIM subscription management

This platform offers a range of plans to suit both high and low throughput solutions and can now accommodate Cat-M1 and NB IoT devices as part of our LPWAN Standard option.

IoT Platform

Our IoT Platform is an easy-to-use cloud enabled device management and advanced development tool, making it easier to develop and implement IoT solutions.

IoT Solutions

If your IoT needs are business-specific we can design, build and implement an IoT solution for you.


We can help you to protect the transmission of data with a virtual private network.

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Vehicles and assets

MTData telematics solutions

Create customised fleet safety solutions incorporating Australian designed, built, installed and serviced GPS telematics and fleet management components.

Teletrac Navman vehicle & asset tracking

GPS tracking solutions to make the management of your fleet and assets easier.

With Telstra Track and Monitor™

Never stop to wonder where your things are again with Telstra Track & MonitorTM.

Fleet Complete vehicle tracking

A fully expandable, plug and play solution for the GPS tracking of your fleets and assets.


Maximise equipment availability through continuous condition and performance monitoring.


Delivery logisitics

Rugged device management

Rugged device management

If your field staff use rugged devices or hand held scanners as part of your service delivery, then this is for you.

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Environment monitoring

Environmental monitoring

Water, waste, air, soil and noise monitoring solutions

Manage environment resources more effectively with IoT enabled sensors and turn your data into real business advantages.

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How we help you get the most from your IoT and M2M solutions

We are committed to delivering connected solutions that transform business productivity. We believe that IoT technology is changing the way businesses operate helping to drive operational efficiency, customer experience improvements and enabling new service-based revenue streams.

Our commitment is demonstrated through:


Australia’s largest mobile network, including the addition of Narrowband-IoT, providing greater coverage and a range of connectivity options to you.


Ongoing investment in services, platforms and partners to enable innovative IoT solutions.


Continued focus on helping businesses across all industries to understand and adopt IoT technology.


Our uncompromising dedication to customer service.


Our ability to deliver innovative end-to-end IoT solutions.

Mobility solutions

Case studies

Peloris Case Study - How IoT is transforming the agriculture industry

Watch how Peloris' cold chain technology helps Australian milk reach Asia's rapidly expanding markets. Discover how Telstra can help your business go global.


Telstra & City of Joondalup Collaboration

We worked with the City of Joondalup, in Western Australia on IoT Internet of Things Smart City technology that will improve the amenity in the area for the local community while delivering efficiencies for the local government.

Learn more


Adelaide Metro: Future possibilities with M2M technology

The South Australian Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) has used machine to machine communication to transform the capabilities of Adelaide Metro ticketing system, including the introduction of smart ticketing with the Metrocard.


M2M communication transforming public transport

The South Australian DPTI has set itself the target of increasing the patronage of public transport. Achieving this involved improving the overall public transport experience for customers. With Telstra, Adelaide Metro looked at how technology could help.


M2M technology brings public transport up to speed

The South Australian DPTI has used machine to machine communication to transform the capabilities of Adelaide Metro ticketing system, including the introduction of smart ticketing with the Metrocard.


City of Perth

With over 27,000 customers daily choosing to drive, the City of Perth is leveraging machine to machine technology or M2M to provide a secure, convenient and easy to use payment parking services.


Coca-Cola Amatil

By investing in M2M technology Coca-Cola Amatil has equipped 30,000 vending machines with SIM cards and modems to communicate directly with automated systems.


More case studies and information