3G Service Closure

End of the line for 3G

Prepare your business for the future on Telstra’s advanced mobile network. Our experts and partners are here to help you transition into newer networks.

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What this means for you

APAC region on globe

Global 3G decline

With the increased adoption of newer 4G and now 5G services, usage of 3G has declined globally

Calendar showing end date in 2024

Network migration

We will decommission our 3G coverage in 2024. Grab this opportunity to migrate to faster and advanced services. Your 3G only devices will not work and your non-4G voice calling enabled 4G devices will not be able to make voice calls after this date. Don’t worry! The 3G closure is not until 2024, allowing you plenty of time to plan your migration.

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Greater opportunities

Maximize your IoT ecosystem and unlock immense potentials for your business with newer networks and technologies

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Guided transition

We will guide your transition off 3G and recommend suitable alternatives for your business.

Times, Transitions and Technology Evolution