Telstra 5G

Making 5G real for Australian businesses

Telstra 5G

Unleash new possibilities for your business

With faster speeds, lower latency and greater capacity, 5G will help your business deliver richer experiences than ever.

Alongside the timely convergence of maturing technologies like software-defined networking, IoT, and cloud computing, 5G will forever change the way your business does business. Buckle up.

The potential of 5G

10x Speed

5G isn’t just faster than 4G – it will be ten times faster. Imagine the dramatic effects this could have on application performance or the immersive experiences you could deliver.

10x Scale

With new device technologies and network architectures, 5G could overcome the congestion issues in a future world of millions of connected devices per km².

1/30th Latency

Faster responses will power technologies where milliseconds count. Think 1 – 6ms on 5G vs 30ms on 4G.

25x Spectrum

Spectrum technologies like small cells and beam forming help deliver more reliable coverage than ever.

10x Capacity

New transmission technologies means the ability to reach more people, more devices, more intelligently.

What will 5G enable?

The combined core features of 5G will deliver far more revolutionary possibilities and market opportunities for your business in the future.

Enhanced mobile broadband

Telstra 5G

Massive machine-type communications
Ultra-reliable, low latency communications
Enhanced mobile broadband
Massive machine-type communications
Ultra-reliable, low latency communications

What’s the latest on 5G?

We’re bringing exclusive 5G devices to you, first

We have partnered with some of the world’s leading 5G smartphone manufacturers to bring you exclusive and first-to-market access to brand new 5G devices as soon as they are released.

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We’re working with CBA and Ericsson to bring 5G to banking

We’re exploring 5G ‘edge computing’ technology for financial services – giving you a glimpse of the bank of the future.

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Making Australia’s first 5G to 5G video call

We have reached another milestone in our journey to 5G with the successful placement of Australia’s first 5G to 5G video call .

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Deloitte: 5G Mobile Technology Report 2018

Deloitte analysed the potential benefits of 5G to businesses and the broader economy.

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Building Australia’s first 5G

Global leader in 5G

Bringing 5G to Australian businesses

From our world-first data call over mmWave to Australia’s first 5G-connected car, we’re charging at the horizon to give you first-mover advantage.

Empowering mobile teams

Unleashing next-level communication freedom

From real-time, UHD video collaboration to ultra-fast cloud connectivity, 5G can further unleash your team’s potential. We continue to enhance our award-winning 4G service while forging the path to 5G.

Deploy IoT at scale

Enabling a connected world

Telstra’s range of IoT network technologies can power myriads of IoT use cases. From low bandwidth Cat M1 or NB-IoT technologies that offer deeper coverage and longer battery life to higher bandwidth needs leveraging Telstra’s superior 4G service. 5G will offer another complementary option for greater capacity and reliability.

5G Innovation Centre

Experience 5G in a working innovation lab

The 5G Innovation Centre is where we design, experiment, and collaborate to achieve a number of 5G world-firsts with technology partners, suppliers and customers. Discover how 5G works and how it can open new doors for your business.

Innovate with us

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Tour the 5G Innovation Centre

Our 5G Innovation Centre is where we design, tinker, and experiment.

Come experience live demos or collaborate with us to open up new 5G possibilities.

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Turbo-charge business with 5G devices exclusive to Telstra

See what our range of 5G devices can do for your mobile workforce or office of the future.

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