The future of Telstra 5G

5G evolution

Powering the future of Enterprise connectivity

Building 5G for what’s next

The combined capabilities of 5G as it continues to evolve, paired with other emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud data and machine learning will unlock and help you to transform your customers experiences.

It will be the foundation for augmented and virtual reality applications, industrial automation, smarter cities, faster set up of remote sites, and the future of digital business. 

Edge Computing

Brings the computation and storage power of the network closer to the source of the data, reducing the time it takes for data to be sent between two points and improving security.


Short-range, high frequency technology that brings more speed and capacity into the network to cater for the explosion in the number of connected devices.

Increased Capacity

Continue to expand 5G coverage and provide more consistent speed through the refarming 3G and 4G frequencies to 5G.

5G Standalone

5G standalone will bring superior network capability. It will allow us to deliver a range of new services delivering the right connectivity, capacity and speed for individual applications.

Explore how Australia’s best network is accelerating business

Our services team help our customers with new possibility for their business that 5G brings.

The power of mmWave

mmWave will bring 5G to life

Short-range, high frequency technology providing additional capacity, best suited for areas where a high amount of users are concentrated – places like shopping centres, crowded inner-city train stations and even stadiums.

Capacity and more coverage

Network Capacity will extend

Continue to expand 5G coverage and provide more consistent speed through the refarming of 3G and 4G frequencies to 5G.

5G Enterprise devices

Experience the power of 5G in how you work and live. Explore the latest Enterprise 5G mobile, mobile broadband and enterprise wireless devices. 

Solutions and partners

Draw on the experience of our global professionals and business partners to design, build and manage complete integrated solutions.