Fast freedom: see how 5G enables work in more places

Australia’s business leaders have a great opportunity to review how 5G can help give their workforces an innovating edge.

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As we work our way through 2022, now is a great time to get excited about 5G connectivity.

The future of business mobility is here. 5G enables you to work in more places, and uncovers better ways to support your remote, branch, field, and even pop-up staff today.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of 5G and the many business opportunities it creates.

5G is here and a leap ahead of 4G

With growing coverage around Australia (Telstra’s 5G network already covers more than 77.5% of the population) 5G is not some futuristic technology, it’s available today to help boost your business.

Australia’s business leaders have a great opportunity to review how 5G can improve operations and give them an innovative edge.

5G helps staff work from more places, enabling them to collaborate and access high bandwidth applications with ease.

Here’s a summary of the benefits 5G provides:

Faster Data Speeds – You can download documents from the cloud, stream. host video conferences with less buffering, access business apps and perform tasks on the go. Get your files and posts where they need to be, fast. Faster data speeds will power better performance.

More Network Capacity – Means the network can cater for more devices. The increased capacity of 5G leads to faster data speeds and better performance – especially in crowded areas.

Lower Latency – Leverage the lower latency with less data lag and closer to real time response. Faster responses will enable applications and analytics information in near real time. It will power technologies where milliseconds count like healthcare, construction, education, industrial automation, public safety and virtual and augmented reality.

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5G for better flexible working

The huge shift to more home and remote working during the past two years as a result of the pandemic has shown the time is now to take advantage of 5G for business.

Businesses have embraced flexible working environments as the “new normal”.

For business leaders looking to mobilise their workforce and enable effective collaboration – 5G is the ideal balance between speed and flexibility. With 5G, staff get fast speeds with all the advantages of mobility.

In today’s tight hiring market, the best remote working connectivity is a game changer for talent acquisition and retention. Good people not only want flexible working, but also the tools necessary to perform at their best.

In a great example of the ultimate in flexible working, Telstra Purple Senior Service Delivery Consultant, Danielle Prothero-Parsons, sold her house to buy a road caravan with the aim of exploring Australia with her family while remote working.

“I’m already enabled with fantastic workplace tools and modern unified communications to communicate and collaborate when I’m in the office or on the go,” she wrote on LinkedIn.

When Danielle asked, her leaders said: “Why not? As a Service Delivery Manager, you don’t need to be physically in the office to do your role. You can still drive end to end programs and projects to ensure our services meet customers’ needs and collaborate with the team from anywhere.”

By combining 5G with Telstra’s Enhanced Enterprise Wireless solution, your organisation will have a complete wireless productivity platform for today’s hybrid working requirements – even if staff are on the road.

Transform business with 5G

5G was designed to enable and enhance connected applications, so better remote working is just the start of the 5G opportunity.

This means businesses can thrive and innovate in more places, from new pop-up branches to established construction sites.

In retail, 5G enables temporary pop-up stores to deliver a complete experience without the need for cables and switches. Merchants can take advantage of 5G’s low latency and fast speed to process payments and showcase products in augmented reality.

Whether you need 5G enablement or simple deployment and management, we can help get you connected quickly so you can get on with running your business. Worry less about infrastructure and networks and let Telstra underpin your new ideas.

Leveraging our comprehensive solution, Telstra Enterprise Wireless, brings together our investment in 5G, simplified mobility plans, enterprise grade endpoints and managed services. And with Telstra’s network at its core, you can quickly and easily deploy an all-in-one wireless network for fast wireless WAN access for your business.

To really take advantage of 5G, you need to have the network available. Telstra’s 5G network is the largest in Australia and now reaches more than 3,400 suburbs and over 350 cities and towns across Australia, meaning your workforce can be more productive and do their best work in more places.

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