5G solutions for business

5G will power your business

Faster speeds. Lower latency. Greater capacity. 5G will take digital activities to a whole new level to power your business
Learn more about 5G  and how you can accelerate your business with Australia’s best network. 

Faster data speeds

You can download documents from the cloud, stream. host video conferences with less buffering, access business apps and perform tasks on the go. Get your files and posts where they need to be, fast.

Faster data speeds will power better performance.

More Network Capacity

Means the network can cater for more devices. The increased capacity of 5G leads to faster data speeds and better performance – especially in crowded areas.

Lower Latency

Leverage the lower latency with less data lag and closer to real time response. Faster responses will enable applications and analytics information in near real time. It will power technologies where milliseconds count like healthcare, construction, education, industrial automation, public safety and virtual and augmented reality.


Telstra’s 5G roll out is now underway in more than 60 cities and towns across the country. More than 1,400 suburbs in Australia have 50% or greater 5G coverage. In non-5G coverage areas, you’ll automatically switch to our 4GX/4G or 3G networks. Telstra’s 5G footprint covers 41% of the Australian population and that will grow to cover 75% of Australia’s population by June 2021.

5G devices for Enterprise

Experience the power of 5G. 

Explore the latest Enterprise 5G mobile, mobile broadband and enterprise wireless devices. 

Innovate at scale- wherever your business takes you

Fast network set up

Flexibility to deploy pop up branches quickly, and ways to provide quicker and better digital experiences like facial recognition.

Collaborate and work better

Enabling critical applications, increased collaboration and adding business value with augmented and virtual reality capabilities like image and sound overlays in near real time.

Why choose Telstra for 5G?

Thrive on-the-go with a network that’s faster in more places

Unleash productivity with our unrivalled mobile network that covers more of Australia than any other provider. We are also at the forefront of 5G so you can unleash its potential for your business first.

Expert advice

Telstra Purple is Australia’s largest technology provider, with experts available in all Australian states and territories. From network solutions to digital experience design, we’ll help transform your business with leading-edge experience, expertise and technology so you can thrive now and into the future.

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Adaptive mobile plans

Our adaptive capabilities include flexible solutions that are simple to deploy, use and adapt to your needs so that you have the agility to respond to any challenge or opportunity that represents itself.

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Ready for tomorrow

We continually work to make our comprehensive network of networks faster, safer, more reliable and smarter - so it can be ready to grow with you as you innovate at scale, today and into the future.

Solutions and partners

Draw on the experience of our global professionals and business partners to design, build and manage complete integrated solutions.

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