Financial Hardship Standard - Payment Assistance Policy

Telstra Enterprise Payment Assistance Policy

Difficult times can put businesses under unexpected financial stress. There may be circumstances which make it harder for you to pay for your Telstra services. We understand payment difficulties can happen for different reasons, and we’re here to help. If your business* is experiencing financial hardship you may qualify for Telstra’s Payment Assistance. 
*A Not-For-Profit organisation or a business spending less than $40,000.00 with Telstra annually

How Telstra can help

We offer a range of options to help if you are having trouble paying your bills:

  • short-term support to help for up to 3 months
  • long-term support to help for more than 3 months

Whatever your situation, our support options are designed to help you manage payments for your Telstra services in a way that works for you, including:

  • giving you more time to pay for your services
  • a tailored payment plan to meet your ability to pay
  • other options, including those to keep your business connected

How can you apply?

All Telstra customers have the right to ask for help if they are having problems paying their bills.

There is no cost to you in making an application for support, you can apply by using one of the following methods that works best for you.

Further assistance

You can visit the National Debt Helpline at or talk to a financial counsellor from anywhere in Australia by calling 1800 007 007 (Monday – Friday, 9.30am – 4.30pm AEST). This number will connect you to the relevant support services in your state or territory.

You can visit the Small Business Debt Helpline at or talk to a financial counsellor from anywhere in Australia by calling 1800 413 828.


If you are not happy with the outcome of your application for payment assistance or the proposed resolution of a complaint you have made to Telstra you may: