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A dynamic network makes all the difference

A new kind of network makes all the difference

In today's connected world, your networks are key to business performance. But they have to keep pace with a constantly changing environment. All too often, network technologies restrict business initiatives rather than support them. More than ever, it's essential to integrate your network strategy with your business strategy.

A new kind of network will help you thrive in a dynamic market. It gives you the ability to adapt in real time, helping to give your business the freedom to grow and succeed in today’s fast-changing marketplace.  

Whether you want to jump on opportunities, reach new markets or use resources more efficiently, Telstra’s new kind of network can make it happen.

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Expect and get more from your network

Integrated services

Improve service experience and get more strategic value from your IT teams.

Managed network services

Gain access to new technologies and our expertise to help your business operate at optimum capacity. 


Improve user experience, security and reliability by running complex applications across a hybrid environment.

Network consulting

Enhance and simplify your network operations with access to expert advice and consulting services.


Telstra and the nbn™ network

nbn map

We can make your transition to the nbn™ network a smooth one, and make your business more competitive with high-speed connectivity, big data, cloud computing, unified communications and more. 

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News & Insight

Cloud Gateway

Telstra’s Cloud Gateway won the Best Enterprise Service category in this year’s Asia Communications Awards and was a Cloud Innovation of the Year finalist at the Global Telecoms Awards.

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Evolving your Network

As technology continues to evolve, see how we can help your business grow and evolve with it.

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Application Assured Networking

Use network-centric assurance to optimise your network and ensure applications perform at peak.


Cloud Gateway

For businesses that need to simply and securely connect to multiple cloud environments.


Internet Services

This solution provides a dedicated, high-performance connection through the public internet.



IPv6 will soon replace IPv4. We’re thoroughly prepared for this, with a dual-stack approach.



Point to Point

Ideal if you require cost-effective, dedicated high-bandwidth optical services to run critical applications.


Satellite services

Communicate reliably with remote workforces anywhere in Australia


Programmable Network

A software defined network that will adapt quickly, learn to improve performance, and evolve to suit your business



This enables employees to interact with each other as though they were in the same building.




Improve performance and optimize operations across your wide area network with software-defined solutions.


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Managed network services

Application Performance Management

Get end-to-end visibility of your applications for better management and performance.


Managed Data Centre Switching

A more agile and resilient way to manage data centre networking.


Network Equipment & Maintenance

Convenient and cost-effective equipment set up and maintenance.


Network Performance Management

Now your team can collaborate, find stored resources, and manage content and workflow, all in a highly secure location.




Create a social network for your organisation so employees can talk, share, innovate and collaborate more easily.



Integrated services

Integrated Expense Management

Improve your telecoms expense management to provide insight, assist in increasing efficiency, and manage costs.


Operations Management

Gain comprehensive service and operations management support, customised for your organisation. This suits a large enterprise with a complex or hybrid network environment.


Service Management

Set up a consistent service experience by extending your Service Desk to provide unified management across multiple Telstra and third-party products.



Other solutions


Network Consulting

Streamline your technology for better performance and user experience, while helping to drive down costs.


Enhance the performance of your business by taking advantage of our best-practice methodologies, practical experience, and deep insights.


The dynamic network difference


Optimise your network and application performances

Improve your business operations and maximise your network performance to increase productivity. Have greater visibility into your network and application performance, scale bandwidth for short-term peaks, and deploy new capabilities quickly and easily.

  • Networks that are application-aware with Dynamic Class of Service and Quality of Service
  • World-leading tools and deep packet inspection technology
  • Agile network provisioning to deploy applications to users with the performance they need



Reach new markets and seize opportunities

Securely and reliably connect your business to Australia’s largest, fully integrated fixed and mobile network. Reach into more than 230 countries and territories through our privately owned global IP networks and partner networks.

  • 2,000 global points of presence plus dedicated IP-VPN services into China and Asia
  • 50 Australian and international data centres
  • More than 5,400 staff on the ground locally and internationally
  • Multi-billion investment roadmap locally and internationally



Simplify with one provider

  • Enjoy the convenience and responsiveness of a single, trusted partner. Simplify and reduce risk with one solution for connectivity, managed network services, security plus cloud, unified communications, mobility and video conferencing.
  • End-to-end assurance from a single source of expertise
  • Access to global partners for specific services and technologies
  • International recognition and awards for customer service and support



Run your business with confidence

Benefit from our experience as Australia’s largest carrier and one of the country's leading managed services and security providers. We combine smart networks, deep insight and intelligent management to provide a powerful application delivery platform to boost business performance.

  • Best High Capacity/Low Latency network in APAC*
  • Triple path network redundancy with 99.999% target network availability
  • 100% separation of the core network from the internet to reduce threats
  • Best-practice ISO 27001 security certification for our core network products

* Telstra has received the highest Product Scores in 2 out of 4 Use Cases, High Capacity and Low Latency Network Use Cases in Gartner’ s July 2015 Critical Capabilities for Network Services, Asia/Pacific.

Case studies

Evolving your network: The application delivery platform of the future

Business applications are increasingly important in the success of a business. The management of these applications to ensure they are available and their performance is optimal is essential, no matter where or what they are accessed from.


Mindpearl - Global Virtual Call Centre Overview

In just 3 months, we developed a global virtualised network solution linking Mindpearl's base in Brisbane with a new location in Fiji.


South Australian Health - Managed health

Our solution for SA Health allows health professionals to access centralised records at the patient's bedside, improving patient experience, staff efficiency and accuracy.



Sundale uses Telstra’s Next IP® and Next G® network to reliably and securely access and store critical.


Australian Paralympic Committee

Telstra’s Riverbed solution relieved existing bandwidth pressure, while increasing the speed and boosting performance.


Channel 9 – London Olympics 2012 Broadcast

Telstra was chosen for the Olympics broadcast because of its extensive experience in past.


Signet’s switch to the Telstra Next IP network

Signet spoke to their Telstra Business Account Executive, who met their leadership team to work collaboratively.


City of Sydney NYE 2012 - Network

Added capacity helped us to cope with over 90 million SMSes sent during one of the world's biggest parties - New Year's Eve 2012 in Sydney.


G&S Engineering Services

G&S Engineering Services uses the fast and reliable national coverage from the Telstra Next G® network.



Benefits GrainCorp gained from the Telstra Next G® network have transformed its Storage and Logistics division.


Business Agility - The Royal Flying Doctor Service - Network

Spanning over 2.3 million km2, our mobile network gives the Royal Flying Doctor Service the coverage and reliability it needs to work in more places.


Transforming to a future way of working

We enabled Wise Employment to mobilise daily operations for over 400 staff, and empowered them with connected devices for access anywhere, anytime.


Creating Brilliant Experiences with an Intelligent Network

Our reliable and fast broadband connection enables Wise Employment to teach stand up comedy from halfway across the world


Treating Mental Health with Technology

A teacher in Canada uses video conferencing to teach stand up comedy in Australia, thanks to Telstra’s Next IP Network.


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