Powering Australian homes and businesses with the help of SD-WAN

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AGL Energy, a leading Australia integrated energy company, was experiencing increased demand on their MPLS network after moving to SaaS-delivered applications and migrating from ISDN to SIP. This network was also becoming expensive to manage forcing internet traffic through their data centre rather than allowing a direct internet breakout. This, along with their ongoing migration from ISDN to SIP, forced AGL Energy to rethink its network strategy.


We worked with AGL Energy to understand the outcomes they are after, including cost efficiencies and the level of experience they were looking to deliver to end users who are accessing their SaaS applications. Telstra Purple was engaged to consult on the SD-WAN design.

Based on this engagement, AGL Energy selected Cisco SD-WAN on ISR-4ks delivered through Telstra’s Integrated Operations Management Product (IOM). IOM offers improved visibility of AGLs entire network (WAN, LAN and WLAN), while also giving AGL Energy direct access to a dedicated team of Level-3 experts who run their entire network.


The managed SD-WAN solution has been successfully rolled-out to the majority of AGLs key sites, delivered and managed through Telstra’s IOM platform. Phase 2 of the rollout involves migrating the rest of AGLs domestic network into their SD-WAN overlay.

The solution has delivered the benefits of SD-WAN including better site network resilience, consistency of application performance and minimised service disruption. AGL Energy now enjoys increased cost-efficiency and network management with the benefits of optimal performance and end-user experience.

  • By choosing Telstra IOM, AGL Energy gets the certainty of a single Assurance Network Operations Centre from Telstra to run WAN, LAN and WLAN networks via IOM with a single partner to manage their network end-to-end.
  • Telstra IOM provides AGL Energy with proactive alarming and comprehensive reporting – a single pane of glass that helps them quickly detect, diagnose and resolve multi-vendor network performance issues.
 “AGL is all about putting our customers first; SD-WAN allows AGL to deliver improved experience to our “internal” customers. Partnering with Telstra and Cisco has been instrumental in the success of our SD-WAN implementation, ensuring the successful design, delivery and operations. And more importantly the seamless transition of services from traditional connected networks to SD-WAN services” 

Ming Teh, Platform Owner, Cloud & Infrastructure, AGL.