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A custom solution for unique needs

With Telstra providing end-to-end business app development and mobility, BOC Gas now has its own app that empowers a BYOD workforce, drives efficiency and cost savings, and make room for future expansion.

REECE CRAWFORD (Retail Service Improvement Manager, BOC Australia): We introduced a new app solution which is completely mobile, where we allow the mobile solution to support the whole sale at the silver dock. So the customer can come in, collect their products exchange and then leave.

[Title] Building a Business App. BOC Australia,

REECE CRAWFORD (Retail Service Improvement Manager, BOC Australia): We wanted to look for a partner who could provide mobility, app development a broader solution.

[On Screen Text] Complete end to end solution.

REECE: By going to Telstra, they could provide all this in a space.

We designed application for ‘bring your own device’ so we could get the mobile app out in different parts of Australia. there's a cost benefit, if you're talking about the prices, it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars of not having to provide the physical phone and other technology to support it.

The actual in-store experience from a customer is reduced from up to ten minutes down to two minutes. customers are now able to get an instant report of the order they just did in store.

If you look at it from the back office manual work perspective, it actually reduces the workload.

The future holds further expansion of MyAgent mobile, so it’ll be adding more features, it'll be including additional click and collect into the mobile technology, stock counts and stock takes. MyAgent mobile improves the way with your business it's easier for customers and it's also modern and innovative and that's what's expected in modern day retail


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Empowering people to focus on the core business

Our business apps helped Network Environment Control’s teams streamline and automate tasks, keep important documents on-hand even on the go, and adapt to growing demand of their services.

Title: Improve productivity with Business Apps

Bobby Andrews, Director, Network Pest Control: Network environment control, we developed it through having two arms to the Company. One was pest and one was Graffiti. When we first started the paperwork was minimal but when the business started to develop, organizing everything was really difficult. We were advised by one of our friends in the Council, ‘you should go digital’ and that's when we contacted Telstra.

Stevn Holmes, Design & Implementation Partner, Telstra: They were growing, they had the jobs and availability to do work but they couldn't actually get how to do them all, so they needed our help to give them the tools to make that happen.

[Caption: As a trusted advisor Telstra designed & implemented a complete solution with Business Apps]

Bobby Andrews: Telstra were really good because they Listened. They listen to what our customer requirements were, the training that we received from Telstra via Steve was his first class.

[Caption: Telstra Introduced GoCanvas

  • Digitise all paperwork
  • Simplify compliance checklists
  • Automate reporting ]

Shawn Hannah, Pest Technician, Network Environment Control: In the past we used to just have to carry hard copies of allour Safe Work method statements. On Canvas we can just access that, fill them out and we can send them off to their client and it's all done and it's really easy.

[Caption: Telstra utilised box

  • Provided field access to manuals
  • Enable real-time information updates
  • Secure customers data ]

Robert Andrews, Director, Network Environment Control: Using box we no longer have to carry material safety data sheets, it's all on our tablet or phone.

Bobby Andrews: There's no space taken up in the car, if someone asked for it they get it straight away.

[Caption: Telstra implemented GeoOp

  • Allocate customer jobs
  • Maintain detailed job records
  • Reduce administration ]

Robert Andrews: before GeoOp, you finish a whole day and then you're writing up their jobs and nights.

Stevn Holmes: You can actually see a map of where the locations of all the jobs are for your business and all of the staff, where they currently.

Robert Andrews: are will receive a call and instead of using that person in the office, we can just create their job online, create to visit, see who's closest and assign it to them.

Shawn Hannah: It's got all the information on that, about the job, what needs to be done, where it's located and letting clients know when I'm gonna get there so [the client] can be watching if I’m on time.

Bobby Andrews: It saves us at least two hours a night, just on admin time.

[Caption: Telstra rolled out Office365

  • Set up shared mailboxes
  • Admin view of all incoming emails
  • Improve customer response times ]

Stevn Holmes: Another of our solutions and also gives visibility to the different teams with the ability to share mailboxes.

Bobby Andrews: Office365 has been really good because when I'm out on the field, my wife might ring me and say have you checked your emails recently?

Robert Andrews: All the emails are synced up together so there's nothing that gets missed.

Bobby Andrews: It's more organized too. Just purchase this new truck and view all the ancillary equipment that comes with it. So money's been freed up to build the busy, to buy equipment.

Someone I knew was asking me about the apps, I would tell them that you need it. It's going to save you a lot of money and time. The world's a smaller place, as for as far as getting business done, without them you know, it really is.

Stevn Holmes: They're continuing to grow and we continue to help give them more tools and enable that growth.

[Caption: Outcomes

  • Employed additional staff
  • Significant business growth
  • More time with family ]

Robert Andrews: We have now been able to employ more, buildour business and have more time toourselves.

Bobby Andrews: We're able to spend time with our children, our grandchildren and so money can't buy that, so yeah we do save money, we do build a business but we're getting more time with family and that's what's really important to us.



“We’re not experts in apps, so we needed to bring in some outside experience and we partnered with Telstra.”

John Coyne | General Manager | BOC Gas

“Business apps have helped advance our business and made us leaders in the industry.”

Luke Tresize | CEO | Turf Care and Hire

“If anyone asked me about business apps, I would tell them that the world is a slower place in terms of getting business without them.”

Bobby Andrews | Director | Network Environment Control

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