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Telstra Cyber Detection and Response Endpoint isn’t simply a reactive solution responding to threats as they appear: it combines cutting edge technology with an elite team of security analysts to extend your existing technologies and team

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We ensure the quality of your app choices are a mix of sound commercial understanding and courageous, relevant design.

We bring a breadth of capability together to deliver a cohesive, secure solution purpose built for your business challenge.

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Case studies

Streamlining the customer experience

With an intuitive smart-device app developed and deployed with Telstra, BOC Gas reduced sales transaction times from 10 to two minutes, saving them 32,000 hours every year.

We introduced a new app solution, which is completely mobile.

We allow the mobile solution to support the wholesale at the cylinder dock.

The customer can come in, collect their products, exchange, and then leave.

“See you later, mate.”


[Text on screen] BOC Australia, Building a Business App - Case Study

We wanted to look for a partner who could provide mobility, app development, and a broader solution.

[Text on screen] Complete end-to-end solution

Reece Crawford, Retail Service Improvement Manager, BOC Australia: By going to Telstra, they could provide all this in our space. 

“Excellent. It’s all yours.”

We designed the application for Bring Your Own Device so we could get the mobile app out in different parts of Australia.

There’s a cost benefit.

If you’re talking about the pluses, it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars of not having to provide the physical phone and other technology to support it.

[Text on screen] BYO solution = significant cost savings

The actual in-store experience for our customer has reduced from up to ten minutes down to two minutes.

[Text on screen] Sales processing time improved by 80%

Customers are now able to get an instant report of the order that they just did in store.

If you look at it from a back-office, manual-work perspective, we’ve actually reduced the workload.

The future holds further expansion of MyAgent Mobile, so it’ll be adding more features, it’ll be including additional click-and-collects into the mobile technology, stock counts, and stock takes. 

[Text on screen] Solution allows for future expansion

MyAgent Mobile improves the way we do business. 

It’s easier for customers and it’s also modern and innovative, and that’s what’s expected in modern day retail.

[Text on screen] Telstra logo. It's how we connect. BOC Case Study, mobile point of sale.

Transforming field activities with Vcomms

By moving to a fully digital environment powered by Vcomms heavy-vehicle solution, VicRoads saw improvements in regulatory effectiveness, community safety and confidence, and workplace safety.

[Text on screen] VIC roads, technology improving community safety

The key objective is to make Victorian roads safer and make sure that Victorian trucks in other jurisdictions are also safer.

[Text on screen] Robyn Murphy, Director ICT Strategy, VicRoads

VicRoads manages the road arterial networks on behalf of the state of Victoria and we support and run road safety initiatives across the state.

[Text on screen] Mark Paglia, Manager Heavy Vehicle Innovation, VicRoads

Transport Safety Service Officers had a very manual-based process when they conducted heavy vehicle inspections, roadside inspections, as well as checking station inspections.

We were looking to transform the way that they conducted their activities and move them to a digital environment, and reduce the amount of paperwork that was involved in conducting their work.

So working together with regulatory services of VicRoads and the heavy vehicle regulator, we came to Telstra and worked with them to identify a potential app that was used by other jurisdictions.

The solution is essentially a tablet device, which we call vCom. 

On that device is an application that enables the officers to conduct all of their work activities.

[Text on screen] Peter Ervin, Rural TSS Manager, VicRoads

It’s a pleasure to use, very simple, very intuitive.

Since vCom, we’ve probably halved our time on the side of the road with the driver.

It gives us more time to concentrate on the drivers and educate the drivers, rather than just filling in reams of forms and handing them over. 

It’s basically a totally paperless system.

Telstra provides the complete device and application management.

Telstra Support provides a helpdesk.

If we have any issues, our officers can call that helpdesk.

Our main aim these days is to ensure future compliance and improve future behaviour.

It’s not all about penalizing the driver for what he has just done, but trying to get them to comply in the future.

The ten or 20 minutes we save every interception we can spend doing that, rather than filling in forms. 

We identified five key business benefits, and these included: improved regulatory effectiveness; improved community safety and confidence, which is really important; improved efficiencies; improved workplace safety, both for the drivers and for our officers; and improved response to industry requirements, including regulatory and legislative. 

The advantages of this for Victoria are that we have complete visibility from state to state. 

vCom has an enormous amount of productivity benefits to the driver, and also to VicRoads and the community. 

It allows our guys to pull up more trucks in a day and deal with more compliance issues than we had in the past.

Our officers can spend more time on the road improving road safety, rather than spending their time on paperwork.

[Text on screen] vCom - Digitally transforming VicRoads workplace

[Text on screen] Do wonders with Telstra. Telstra logo

A custom app for continuous workforce improvement

Through a custom app co-created with Telstra, Pacific National was able to share performance data with their drivers, thus giving their train drivers the ability to improve driving styles and efficiency, and unlock new ways to collaborate.

[Text on screen] Asciano / Pacific National - My TraX Driver Performance App

Dave Irwin (Director, Pacific National): My Trax application is going to have a huge impact on the Pacific National business.

Geoff Featherstone (General Manager – Integrated Customer Solutions, Pacific National): It really allows us to tackle problems that we wouldn’t normally be able to do internally.

[Text on screen] Collaborating to discover, ideate and design

Sara McCullough (Customer Experience Manager, Asciano IT): Telstra’s been fantastic on our My Trax project by enabling Asciano IT to flex up and utilise Telstra’s partners to help us deliver in areas that are not our core skill set.

[Text on screen] Innovating for a solution

Irwin: A lot of people don’t understand that connecting with train drivers is a real challenge, because the vast majority of their time at work is in trains, away from supervisors and frontline management. They’re very autonomous workers.

Bianca Benn (Train Crew, Pacific National): Everybody could just go along thinking they’re doing a great job when there might be lots of things they can work better on.

John Kim (Business Improvement Program Manager, Pacific National): We have around 2,000 train drivers at Pacific National. Now, we’ve never had a systematic and efficient way to engage with on their individual train driving performance.

John Harter (Innovation and Technology Specialist, Pacific National): How would it be if we extracted all the data we put on our locomotive fleet? How powerful would that be? Where would it go? And what if we could make it available for analysis? What if we could do some cool things with it? We found applications in the areas of fuel burn and emissions calculations. We’ve had a thousand ad hoc queries around run time and crew relief, and speed profiles, but I could really help thinking, there should be a bigger picture.

[Text on screen] App developed using data extracted from the locomotive fleet

[Text on screen] Putting power into the driver's hands

Benn: The thing I like the most about the app is that it gives me a little bit more day-to-day accountability of the things I do on shift. 

[Text on screen] Empowering drivers to make better decisions

Steve Cowan (General Manager NSW & VIC, Pacific National): The real request from our train operators and drivers is to ensure that they really think about the opportunity that’s been presented to see their own personal performance information. Now we’re putting the power in the driver’s hand, they’ll have a much better view of their performance and how they’re tracking.

[Text on screen] Meaningful data increases driver efficiency

The information is provided in a non-threatening but fact-based way can really inform improvement, but also help individuals in a nice but competitive way, and understand how they can move themselves up the ladder of performance within their team.

[Text on screen] The value behind improving driver performance

Matthew Brown (Environment Manager, HSW Team): This application is gonna give us environment benefits across a range of areas: diesel, fuel burn, emissions, and carbon dioxide.

Cowan: These improvements in performance are going to improve basic safety and take risk out of our business. 

Featherstone: We’ve started to collaborate with a lot of companies and the experience with Telstra has been superb.

Harter: We thought Telstra might come to the table with SIM cards and mobile solutions, however, we soon realised the breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise Telstra could bring that has to be tapped and has to be used because the benefits are outstanding.

Brown: The benefits are enormous. We’ve already started to realise it.

Benn: I just think it’s fantastic.

Cowan: This one is an absolute game-changer for me.

[Text on screen] Telstra logo

Technology powering social change

With Telstra Digital Workflow, the NSW Department of Family and Community Services was able to engage more efficiently with citizens applying for public housing with simple, secure digital forms that reduced double handling and delays from manual processing.

We know that about 85% of people sleeping rough in the city of Sydney have access to a smartphone. 

[Text on screen] 85% of people sleeping rough have access to a smart phone

Lance Carden, Director, Customer Services & Business Improvement, Family and Community Services: We have to be able to reach people using the technology and the mediums that they have access to.

FACS is one of the largest providers of social housing in the world. 

We manage about 120,000 tenancies.

[Text on screen] Family and Community Services, assess 60,000 applications each year

We assess about 60,000 applications every year. 

Forty-five pages condensed into a single online experience, which we’re having people complete in 15 minutes, instead of a number of hours.

That we’re receiving at the business end and being able to process within a couple of hours instead of three months and getting an outcome to our clients much faster.

[Text on screen] Technology enabling faster processing

That’s what I’m most proud of.

You’re dealing with sensitive information, personal information.

That information has to be stored securely.

Stoddard Lance, National Business Development Manager, Government & NFP Global Enterprise & Services, Telstra: Technology enabling faster processingYou have to be sensitive about the way you ask questions and the way that they are captured.

That user-centric design helped us uncover that and develop that in the right way.

[Text on screen] Design that puts the user first

It’s always great to deliver innovative solutions.

But when you do that at the same time and make a real change in the community, that’s very, very rewarding.

[Text on screen] Mobile technology for improved community care

Fifty-five percent of people that have submitted an online form, so far, have used a mobile phone.

[Text on screen] Mobile technology reaching more people

The most amazing thing about that is that we are reaching more people than we ever have before.

This is about trying to help people get a step up.

[Text on screen] Telstra logo, contact your Telstra Executive for more information

Improving driver safety digitally

Learn how Telstra worked with VicRoads and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) to develop the myLearners app.

Jill Fitzroy (Service Strategy Director, VicRoads): We developed an app with Telstra to modernise the way in which young people and their supervising drivers learn to drive.

[Text on screen] Improving driver safety digitally, Telstra supporting VicRoads & Transport Accident Commission

Before we had myLearners App, the approach to learning to drive was one where young people and their supervisors had a logbook, which was a paper logbook.

So VicRoads decided to work with the TAC, the Transport Accident Commission, to develop an app to modernise the experience of learning to drive.

[Text on screen] Modernising the learning experience

Serina Eric (Learner Driver): I find the myLearners App great. It’s super convenient for me because it’s on my phone. I don’t have to carry around a massive logbook everywhere. 

Ajay Ravindran (ICT Delivery Director, VicRoads):  As part of our strategy, myLearners was a significant initiative that VicRoads took on board in terms of developing an app in collaboration with TAC and the registration licensing group.

MyLearners App is a co-designed, developed app.

Telstra was able to project manage this and build in conjunction with the relevant stakeholders.

The whole delivery of the app was done in an agile way.

Telstra was also able to involve a professional partner, Tiger Spike, who were able to apply innovative ways in terms of how the information integrated with our mainframe systems and provided a robust solution. 

This approach is quite significant for VicRoads and can be used for future systems and application development.

Fitzroy: Benefits to the app are young people can record their hours electronically using the devices that are with them all the time.

It also allows for custom content to be delivered to them at the time that’s appropriate to their learning.

[Text on screen] Custom content improving education

Eric: I do find that the app is really intuitive and that the tips are so well-catered to every single drive that I do and so at the end of the lesson I can always refer back to it, as well as see any comments that my dad has left for me.

[Text on screen] Intuitive educational experiences

Fitzroy: We’ve got about 70,000 people using it and logging hours, 35,000 young people and about 30,000 supervising drivers. 

[Text on screen] Creating safer roads for Victoria

I think that organisations absolutely have to learn to respond to what customers want and young people, in particular, want electronic and digital means to record all of their activities, and including learning to drive.

Eric: I definitely think that it’s something that is expected in this generation to go paperless. Everyone my age carries a phone everywhere, so it’s just really great.

[Text on screen] Telstra logo

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