Digitise your business forms

Never put up with illegible handwriting again, lost forms or wasted time re-keying data. GoCanvas replaces all your old paper forms with digital versions on compatible smartphones and tablets. Install GoCanvas yourself or employ our Design and Implementation Services to help integrate it into your business environment.

Introduction to GoCanvas

GoCanvas allows you to turn any paper- based form into a convenient digital form.

GoCanvas is packed with time-saving features that allow you to incorporate captured images, electronic signatures, scanned barcodes and collect mobile payments all into your digital forms. With a drag n drop interface and PDF Builder to help you present the collected data, you'll wonder how your business ever got by without it.

If you're like most businesses, you struggle to keep track of documents and projects. Whether your team is filling out inspections, work orders, checklists, or any other forms, not getting the right data quickly can seriously your business.

Lost forms, bad information, manual data entry, inefficient workflows, paperwork headaches are killing your productivity and cash flow. Take back your time with gocanvas, where you can automate inefficient paperwork and digitize slow processes. Order parts faster, invoice faster, do more jobs and help accelerate your cash flow. Gocanvas offers a simple drag-and-drop mobile platform to help organizations collect, share and learn from their operational data. With features like these it's easy to increase your efficiency and collect valuable information. Easily share data with coworkers, assign tasks with dispatch and create professional reports to send to customers. Integrate your data with other software platforms and get real-time insights to help improve your business. Goanvas mobile forms can be customized deployed and updated in seconds and they work on all major mobile devices online and offline.

Automate your business processes and stop the paperwork headaches. Try gocanvas free for 30 days at telstra.com/gocanvasfreetrial

Key features

PDF Designer

Create amazing PDFs to present data for your customers and employees. Brand forms to your business, link to external websites and social media content.

Workflow Management

Notify workers of jobs and collaborate on forms with multiple users. This can be used to pass a form to another user for approval before it is submitted.

Helps ensure Fair Work compliance

Deputy has pre-built the most common industry awards. We'll calculate penalty rates, shift loading, allowances and overtime, giving you peace of mind when it comes to compliance.

Pre-Built Integrations

Easily integrates with other business applications such as Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and Zapier (for accounting and CRM apps).

Reference Data/Autofill

Connect a database and have the form automatically filled out based on a selected field value, saving time and dramatically improving data accuracy.


Pre-populate forms and assign them to any user within your account—a great way to allocate jobs to your field teams.


Increase efficiency

Get information back in real-time, eliminate redundant data entry, and automate your processes to quickly deploy a solution and realise immediate benefits.

Improve compliance

Never miss another inspection form, audit or other crucial information due to problems with paperwork and outdated processes.

Features to help you do more with data

Track employee performance by collecting accurate and viable data and deliver information to your team when they need it.

Mobilise your processes

Get ready to become productive fast and feel confident that you’re unlocking the full benefits of mobility with workflows made simpler and smarter.

Turn days into hours

Remove the dependency on manual labour that goes into capturing and processing by streamlining the processes.

Cost savings

Faster processing times, elimination of printing forms and storage, and opportunities for your employees to complete more jobs contribute to cost savings.

Case studies

Making the most out of the day with a digital solution

Turf Care and Hire digitised crew manuals and data sheets, and enabled real-time field reports to empower their people to do and achieve more out in the field.

Luke Tresize (CEO, Turf Care & Hire): Turf Care & Hire has been going 17 years.

Most of our work is government, council work, oval constructions, and oval maintenance.

Travis Cumming (Precinct Manager, Turf Care & Hire): Before GoCanvas, I used to have to take two folders with me for all the material safety data sheets.

With GoCanvas, I spot a problem I can identify that, take a photo, write a quick brief on it, send it to the client.

So the whole day is fully productive. 

It’s not wasted with paperwork.

Steven Holmes (Design and Implementation Partner, Telstra): GoCanvas allowed Turf Care & Hire to create whatever documents they required in a digital format. 

This gives them the ability to have all their compliance documents in one platform and gives their staff one tool to use to get all this data back to the office.

Donna Hopgood (Administration Manager, Turf Care & Hire): We’re not going through bundles and bundles of paper to actually try and decipher the information.

It is instant to us.

Digital safety work method statements save around 15 minutes a day.

And if you multiply that by 15 to 18 staff members, that’s quite an incredible saving we’re actually achieving.

Tresize: We’re very pleased with GoCanvas, not only with the cost savings.

It’s advanced our business and made us leaders in the industry.  

for more information visit telstra.com/gocanvas

Why Telstra

Selection of hand-picked applications

We’ve done the hard work and selected applications from world-leading providers, so you can simplify business operations and create new opportunities to help your business grow.

Easy app management

Our simple, intuitive Telstra Apps Marketplace platform enables you to manage, monitor and purchase apps through one easy-to-use dashboard.

Convenient bundling options

Bundle everything you need to get your app and mobility solutions up and running under your Telstra bill: device, data, and Design and Implementation Services.

Getting started

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