Fleet Complete

Follow your vehicles from your office

Fleet Complete is a user-friendly tracking and management platform for fleets of any size. It gives you easy access to your fleet data, allowing you to reduce uncertainties and costs.

What can Fleet Complete do for your business?

Fleet Tracker

Monitor location, vehicle metrics and driver behaviour and safety from one dashboard.

Security Monitor

Monitor valuable assets and get an alert if they leave a designated area.

Project Manager

Manage multiple projects and people in various locations from your office.

Electronic Logbook

Automate your vehicle logbooks and calculate maximum your fuel tax credits.

Fleet Complete Introduction

Fleet Complete delivers one of the most comprehensive, user-friendly mobile management platforms for fleets, assets, and in-field staff. It helps establish operations that are more productive and assists you with work, health and safety obligations.

With product and services that can get information at your fingertips that can help you reduce uncertainties that may result in higher operations costs. Effectively assist you to manage and maintain your fleet vehicles, maintain security of your onsite assets and equipment, and easily track multiple projects and mobile personnel on one screen.

Receive important notifications, alerts, and tailored reports when you’re in Telstra Mobile Network coverage areas for optimal insight into your operations.

Create your own Fleet Complete solution with a combination of hardware and software options.

The MGS800 device is a 4GLTE GPS tracking device. An advanced GPD fleet tracking solution that provides visibility and insight over assets and workforce in near real-time. This device can report on and monitor fleet performance including location, harsh braking, and acceleration and impact events. The MGS800 is available exclusively on the FC Web Platform.
The GO7 device is an easy install GPS tracking device. This device can report on and monitor every aspect of fleet and asset performance including location, harsh braking, and acceleration and impact events. The G07 is available on the MyGeoTab application and teh FC Web Platform.
GO7 Rugged
GO RUGGED is a ruggedized telematics device designed for harsh conditions or external installation. It has the same advanced GPS technology as the Geotab GO7, with the added benefit of being designed to the IP67 standard (international standard for protection against intrusion of solids, dust, contact, and water).
The AT4 is an asset tracker that will give you the ability to secure and track your stationary assets at periodic intervals. When using the Iridium Satellite Network*, it helps you to improve your asset security and get insights into utilisation and maintenance, even when located at remote sites.
The AT5 asset tracking solution delivers essential utilisation, maintenance and site management data, and when using the Iridium Satellite Network*, it helps you keep control of large numbers of assets operating around the globe.
The AT6 is a low-profile, rugged 3G GPS device designed for tracking non-powered assets where long battery life is required, without sacrificing the frequency or updates and accuracy performance. The AT6 uses the 3G Telstra Mobile Network.

*In order to use a satellite add-on you need to purchase a Satellite unit from us and separately take up a satellite service from Fleet Complete or another third-party provider. We do not supply this service.

FC Web Platform
The FC Web Platform is an intuitive, flexible and easy-to-use web platform that brings your critical operations to one interface andhelps reduce switching back and forth between different systems. It helps you track and manage your vehicles and assets, monitor your mobile personnel, and optimise your in-field operations. With operational reports and data flow from the field, you can uncover opportunities to decrease operational expenses and improvce business productivity. The FC Web Platform is not compatible with the MyGeoTab application, including Business Plan, Base Plan and Fleet Plan.
MyGeotab software application
The MyGeotab application is a cloud-based fleet software application that brings the Fleet Complete solution together, using the G07 device (including G07 Ruggedised). With a huge array of reports, you will have the tools to track your vehicles and assets in near real-time, create geo-fences, set speed limits and more. The MyGeotab application (including Business Plan, Base Plan and Fleet Plan) is not compatible with the FC Web Platform. 




Task Tracker
Task Tracker is a mobile workforce tracking and dispatching solution. As an add-on feature of the FC Web Platform, dispatchers can send activities to mobile workers based on their geographical position and workload. With the Fleet Complete Task Tracker app, the mobile worker can, in turn, accept activities and update the dispatcher on the status of their activities in near real-time.

The Garmin in-cab screen allows you to send and receive driver messages, dispatch jobs to field staff and navigate them to the location or address where they are required, using a driver-centric user interface. the Garmin 670 is the larger screen version of the Garmin 660.
Iridium Satellite Unit
The Iridium Satellite allows you to maintain visibility and communication with drivers and vehicles in remote areas without mobile coverage.2
Dash Duress
Dash-mounted button which can be activated by your workers in case of an emergency.
Remote Pendant
Portable duress pendants help ensure the safety of your personnel, even when they’re outside of the vehicle.
GO TALK provides spoken instructions from inside the vehicle to inform and empower drivers. Using advanced "text-to-speech" technology, GO TALK warns drivers of violations so they can immediately correct their behavior.
Driver ID Fob
The Driver ID fob helps you keep track of each driver's individual productivity and on-road safety. This is a valuable tool when fleets have multiple drivers for individual vehicles.




Fleet Complete E-Logbook FBT
The E-Logbook FBT solution is a simple and convenient way to automate your time-consuming vehicle logbook and calculate your FBT return. The solution combines a GPS tracking device with a mobile application to help with your requirements and easily collate information you can use for relevant ATO reporting.




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