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We've made changes for the data hungry.

More data on all of our new month-to-month, no lock-in contract mobile plans.

Great features. Great value.

Need a phone?

We have a range of leading brands.

You can buy your phone on a plan and pay it off over 24 months.

Mobile broadband data plans

Get the data and the flexibility to work where you need to.

Add ons or new plan

Add extra data

Automatically get topped up with 1GB for $10 when you go over your monthly data allowance.

Add a voice & data pack

Need more data? Purchase a Data Pack, which will remain on your account until you remove it.

So for $15 you get 2GB.
For $35 you get 5GB.
For $55 you get 8GB.

Change my business plan

With our new plans, you can change your business plan once a billing cycle to suit your needs.

Sign in to the My Telstra App to check your mobile data usage. This will allow you to see all the services on your accounts in one place.

Get your employees to download the My Telstra App to manage their data allowance and check their own data usage, without needing to sign in.

If you reach your data allowance, you can add Extra Data, Voice & Data Packs, or a combination of both to instantly get access to more data. 

Otherwise, you will be charged for excess data at the Pay As You Go (PAYG) rate. Alternatively, you can limit or turn off the data usage from your mobile device and switch to available Wi-Fi.

We’ll send you data usage alerts by SMS or email when you reach 50%, 85% and 100% of your monthly data allowance for your individual service.

You can only view your shared data usage in the My Telstra app, or in Mobile Data Usage Meter.

View our step by step instructions for setting up notifications.

Why Telstra for your business

Growing 5G network

We're busy rolling out 5G, and our coverage is growing day by day.

My Telstra app

Manage your account, pay bills and track your data usage from the My Telstra app.

Earn points with Telstra Plus

Join Telstra Plus and earn 10 points per $1 when you make an eligible payment on your service.

Eligibility criteria apply.

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