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We’re on a mission to bring better connectivity to everyone, especially with our 5G. We’ve made a commitment to roll out our exciting new 5G capabilities to more areas across metro, regional and rural Australia, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.


More 5G coverage than any other network

Our 5G is now covering 85% of the Australian population.

Our 5G is available in over 400 cities and towns across Australia including Port Douglas in Queensland, Yass in New South Wales and Devonport in Tasmania.

5G is rolling out now.

What do I need to get 5G?

You’ll need a 5G device and a 5G-ready mobile or data plan to connect to Telstra 5G. You’ll also need to be in an area that has 5G coverage.

5G coverage

5G is now rolling out in selected areas. In non-5G coverage areas, you'll automatically switch to our 4G or 3G. Check our coverage map to find out more.

A 5G-ready phone or device

If you’re ready to try 5G, take a look at our range of 5G-ready phones and devices.

An eligible Telstra plan

Choose a plan that includes access to the 5G network.

5G explained

What is 5G

Everything you need to know about how 5G works, including the ways it will power-up your work, play and everyday life.

Our 5G network

Our 5G is built on the foundation of our network and with that comes so much potential.

The latest on 5G

Learn about our roll-out of the latest 5G technology across Australia, and how we’re bringing brilliant connectivity and innovation to life.

Explain like I’m 5: 5G and the gaming revolution

Video content description

Introducing the show where Simon Taylor breaks down all the tech talk so we can all understand it. In this episode, Simon takes us through how 5G can enhance Cloud Gaming, console-to-mobile gaming, VR & AR.

Is the gaming revolution upon us?

I don't know, is it? Why yes it is, thanks to 5G and I'm here to tell you how.

This is 5G Explain Like I'm Five, the show where I break down all the tech talk, so that we can all understand it.

In this episode, I'll be talking you through how 5G can enhance cloud gaming, console to mobile gaming, VR and AR.

First up, cloud gaming.

Technically speaking, cloud gaming is where instead of having a computer or console running the game, the bulk of the processing happens remotely on a server and is streamed from the cloud straight to the players smartphone or TV, kind of like how you stream Netflix or YouTube.

What makes a difference here is capacity, speed and latency, which is where 5G could really take this to the next level.

That's a bit technical, man. Can you explain it like I'm five?

Put it this way. Cloud gaming is like having your favourite meal, made at your favourite restaurant, delivered to you almost instantly. Thanks 5G.

You could be leaving the house. Thanks 5G.

At a bar. Hey, thanks 5G.

So basically wherever you have 5G connection and a 5G enabled device. But what-

Thank you, 5G.

But what does it all mean? It means convenience. You won't need to cart around a console or use a super fancy gaming computer that looks like a nightclub for tiny people.

It also means we'll see super crisp video streams with richer graphics as well as reduced ping rates and speedy response times. This is because the network will have more capacity and the potential for lower lag.

So the data that is being sent and received from the user to the server happens [click] real quick.


It's like I'm in a 5G commercial. 5G or as I like to call it, 5-gee that's fast.

I know.

Will take the rapidly expanding world of virtual and augmented reality to the next level.

See it takes 13 milliseconds for the brain to process images. Any lag time over that can be jarring and make you feel pretty sick [distorted].


So you need that speed and lower latency for that true VR experience.

So you can hit the tennis court, walk with the dinosaurs,  or visit a nude beach.


This headset is what you traditionally need for a VR experience, but because all the processing can now be done in the cloud, with 5G, it means we'll see much smaller, sleeker devices, similar to the evolution of mobiles it'll be going from this to this.

Now, when it comes to augmented reality, 5G is set to bring you 4K in HD outside.

Think Pokémon Go but with realistic quality images.

[Voiceover]: For legal reasons, this is not a Pokémon.


It's like he's really there.

Let's get into console to mobile gaming. This is when you can play games from your console over the net on your tablet or mobile phone, not the App Store version.

I don't know who that was.

4G made this a real thing, but as the resolution of games gets better and better, more data is needed to be streamed and this is where 5G can make this a pretty much seamless experience.

It means you can keep playing your Xbox when you leave the room. If you're sneaky enough, you'll be able to play console games while you're at work.

[Gaming sounds]

Case in point.

There you have it,  the future is virtually ping free my friends.

Thanks 5G.

Not your average bike helmet

Video content description

Champion cyclist Anna Meares demonstrates how 5G connectivity and smart technology combine to help take bike rider safety up a gear. 
Imagine if your bike helmet had the ability to `warn you of every obstacle in your path. We’re talking collision, car door, roadwork, accident, breakdown and congestion alerts in real time and smart city Infrastructure that detects moving vehicles around corners. Get ready to meet the incredible 5G helmet prototype that could help save lives.  

[Anna] Three million people ride a bike each week in Australia, which is a huge increase in the last three years. Sadly, with that influx of people, we're seeing accidents double. The biggest dangers are the vehicles on the road. When a human body comes up against a one tonne piece of metal, it's very clear which one's going to come off worse. Technology has been making cars safer for years. Why not cycling?

[Todd] We chose to partner with Arenberg because they've got a great smart safety helmet and we've got 5G connectivity with high speed and low latency, and we really wanted to bring those two technologies together. All the road users are sharing the information in real time with each other, we're able to then put that into the cloud and make intelligent decisions and then send down alerts as appropriate. A few milliseconds makes a huge difference. With 5G, the high speed and low delay that it brings is essential.

[Anna] To be able to have the information quickly to hand has a huge potential to save lives. I was really surprised by how quick the information came to me. [Helmet announcement: “Roadworks ahead”] and it didn't impede my ability to hear the environment. I was really quite taken by the engagement of it. I wanted to keep riding past obstacles so I could hear it some more. [Helmet announcement: "Car door opening".]

[Todd] I saw her eyes light up when she got that first alert around the door opening in front. And just I think that sort of penny dropping of understanding of how this technology will really help people to change not only the future of cycling, I think it will change the future of transport, overall. Connected cars, connected trucks, connected cyclists, vehicles, starting to talk to traffic lights, really all of them working in cooperation. And 5G is being able to show that.

[Anna] It's only the start of the project, which is really exciting. Where this can go is profound, I think.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you exceed your monthly data allowance on a Telstra month-to-month plan, you can continue to access data at no extra cost but your speed will be slowed.

As 5G has faster speeds than 4G, it will consume data faster than a 4G phone on a 4G network. Depending on your usage, 5G may work best for you on a plan with a larger monthly data allowance, such as a Medium or Large plan.

You’ll need to buy a 5G-ready device on a 5G plan, the cost depends on the device and plan you choose.