What do I need to get my business ready for 5G?

You’ll need one or more 5G devices and 5G-ready mobile or data plans to connect your business to Telstra 5G. You’ll also need to be in an area that has 5G coverage.

5G coverage

5G is now rolling out in selected areas. In non-5G coverage areas, you’ll automatically switch to our 4GX/4G or 3G. Check our coverage map to find out more.

A 5G-ready phone or device

To unlock the power of 5G for your business, take a look at our range of 5G-ready phones and devices.

An eligible Telstra business plan

Once you’ve selected your phone or device, simply choose a Telstra business plan that includes 5G network access to the 5G network.

How 5G benefits your business

Broaden business reach

Connect to the country’s best and largest 5G network - covering over 75% of Australians, so you can work on the go in more places.

In non-5G coverage areas, you’ll automatically switch to our 4G or 3G networks.

Power better performance

Connect to 5G’s faster data speeds, so you can get your files and posts where they need to be more quickly, host video conferences with less buffering, get work done with less interruptions.

Tap into more network capacity

So you can cater for more business devices. The increased capacity of 5G also helps to provide better network performance – especially in crowded places.

Leap ahead with less lag

Leverage the lower latency of 5G with less data lag for near real-time responses. To power technologies in situations where milliseconds count, such as during live streams and while using business critical applications.

Want to know more about 5G?

With 5G, you have an opportunity to carve a niche in the business landscape with the new capabilities on offer. Whether it’s through innovation or bolstering the services you already provide, there is plenty to explore using 5G as a launching pad.

What's the latest 5G news?

5G is the newest mobile network technology and has the potential to make our lives smarter, safer, and more efficient. 

How does 5G help business?

For small and medium business owners, 5G offers ultra-fast mobile networking over greater distances.

Why choose Telstra 5G?

Telstra is leading the way in Australia in ensuring our customers have early access to all the benefits of advancing 5G technology.

Keep up with what’s new and what’s next in the world of 5G

5G networks are set to change the very nature of wireless connectivity worldwide. As with most new advancements in technology, 5G will shape the way businesses operate, so it’s wise to stay on top of the latest information and potential implications of this revolutionary tech.

5G is set to change the world and business, forever

Learn how you can carve a niche in the business landscape with the new 5G capabilities on offer.

Follow our roll-out of the latest 5G technology across Australia

See how we’re bringing brilliant connectivity and innovation to life.

Get the facts on 5G health concerns

Though some concerns have been raised, there are no established health effects from 5G in relation to the Coronavirus.

Seize the opportunities that will be made be possible with the roll-out of 5G

So that you can seize the opportunities that will be made be possible with the roll-out of 5G. 

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