5G plans and devices

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5G mobile phones

You’ll need a 5G device and a 5G-ready mobile or data plan to connect to Telstra 5G. Browse 5G mobiles below. 5G rolling out in selected areas.

5G mobile broadband devices

You’ll need a 5G device and a 5G-ready mobile or data plan to connect to Telstra 5G. Browse 5G mobile broadband devices below.

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Why choose us for mobile plans?

No lock-in contracts

You'll have the flexibility to change your plan size once per month, to help you stay connected in a way that suits your business best.

No excess data charges in Australia

We keep your business connected even if you exceed your data allowance. We won't charge you extra, but your speed will be slowed.

Australia's largest 5G network

We have Australia's largest 5G network and it's rapidly growing.

We monitor our network 24/7

Our cyber security team is constantly monitoring our network to protect your data from suspicious activity.

Frequently asked questions

For business owners, 5G offers ultra-fast mobile networking over greater distances. To see how we can help you plan a brighter future for your business built on connectivity with Australia’s largest 5G, go to Telstra 5G for business.

Our business plans are for use in smart phones only. If your current mobile is a 5G compatible smart phone, you can take up one of our Telstra 5G mobile plans on your existing handset.

Telstra is leading the way in Australia in ensuring our customers have early access to all the benefits of advancing 5G technology. To see if you currently do business in an area with 5G access, check our coverage map.

We currently offer 5G in select areas and our 5G footprint is set to extend to cover more cities, selected regional areas and traffic hotspots. To access 5G, you’ll need a 5G-enabled device with an eligible plan in a 5G coverage area. When you are not in a 5G coverage area, your device will automatically switch back to accessing 4G instead.

We've done extensive EME testing on our 5G and have found the EME levels to be similar to 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. The EME levels measured were found to be well below the safety limits, and in many cases, over a thousand times lower. We continually monitor our network and the ACMA conduct EME compliance audits. Independent health authorities require us to meet their safety standard so that you can use this technology safely.

Don't panic. 3G and 4G are not disappearing anytime soon. If you don't have a 5G phone, that's fine. You can still access super-fast and extensive 4G coverage on the Telstra network until you’re ready for a new 5G device. The 3G network will be decommissioned in 2024.