Telstra Vantage 2022

New world. New ways.

Vantage comes to life within two themed technology showcase worlds – ‘Business Beyond the Reset’ and ‘Working Smarter. Living Better.’

31 August - 1 September
Australian Turf Club, Randwick, Sydney.

James Cameron

Film-maker, explorer and environmental advocate James Cameron will join us live on-stage at Telstra Vantage 2022.

Don't miss his take on how business, sustainability and technology intersect.

It’s 2022. Our world of work and mindsets have changed

Everything from how and where we work, to our environmental footprint. In our new reality, businesses are re-imagining, re-shaping and resetting. Technology has an increasingly critical role to play through it all. Accelerating digital transformation, helping businesses to thrive.

Welcome to Telstra Vantage 2022, where together we navigate our New World, and the New Ways that are driving Enterprises towards progress and growth. Discover business beyond the reset, and ways to work smarter, live better across our immersive technology showcase.



Telstra Vantage: One destination, two worlds.

For the first time ever, Vantage new world, new ways will be held at the Australian Turf Club, Randwick, Sydney.

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Vantage Connect: Our new, connected experience.

This year we’re also bringing Vantage to selected cities across Australia via Vantage Connect.

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Vantage TV: Watch the ‘worlds’.

Unable attend in person? Tune in to our Vantage TV digital experience and catch all the live agenda action across three live broadcast channels.

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Telstra Vantage 2022

For the first time, Telstra Vantage will come to life in a unique combination of live experiences across the country, supported by a dynamic virtual platform to create maximum value for our customers and partners.

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