Awareness is the first step to protection

Every day online, we learn, work, stream movies, communicate, play games, do business, socialise and manage our finances. The internet has transformed our lives, making everything faster and more convenient. But it comes with some risks.

Cyber security and safety at Telstra is designed to provide you with a set of skills and tools, so you know how to handle every online situation with confidence.

Our ongoing commitment to help you stay safe and secure online

Stand up to scammers

Our Cyber Security team monitors suspicious content, 24/7. Got a dubious email, phone call or SMS? Please report it.

Enjoy better account security

Two-step verification, biometrics and one-time PINs help ensure your personal account details stay that way.

Be protected by the latest tech

We've joined forces with industry-leading security providers to bring you the latest cyber protection tech.

Home internet with built-in protection

Broadband Protect

If you're on an eligible Telstra home internet plan, you automatically get bonus protection – at no extra cost or effort to you.

With Broadband Protect, any device connected to your Telstra modem via Wi-Fi or cable is protected. No additional software or activation required.

Not available on Upfront Plans or 5G Home Internet plans.

Blocking known malicious websites

Accidentally clicked a link that's taking you to a known malicious website? No stress, Broadband Protect blocks known websites hosting malware, malicious content and scams so you can browse safely online.

Parental controls and family filter

Want to protect your kids from inappropriate content? Turning on Parental Controls is easy, and you can filter content by age, category or specific URLs.

Increasing your cyber awareness and skills

What is Cyber Safety?

Recognising and dealing with unwelcome content and activity

Being cyber safe helps you and your kids feel confident online. It means being aware of, and reporting, anything on the internet that feels abusive or threatening, like cyber bullying, cyber abuse, image-based abuse, or illegal or restricted online content. That way, you can keep yourself and others safe. Luckily, you're not on your own in this.

The eSafety Commissioner is Australia's independent regulator for online safety. They safeguard Australians from online harm and promote safer, more positive experiences. If you've seen or experienced a cyber safety concern, they are there to help.

At Telstra, we're committed to helping their cause by giving our customers the tools to set up family filters, block inappropriate content and stay on top of active scams.

What is Cyber Security?

Proactive ways to defend your devices and data

It starts with good cyber hygiene: two-step verification, good password protection and regularly updating your devices. If you need a more comprehensive suit of tools, you can get additional security software to suit your needs.

Security software can help block known malicious websites and reduce cyber threats like financial fraud, identity theft, scams, malware and phishing.

Reporting to the eSafety Commissioner

If you've seen or experienced:

  • cyber bullying, cyber abuse, non-consensual intimate images, or
  • material that promotes, incites, instructs or depicts abhorrent violent conduct,

please report it to the eSafety Commissioner.

Essential tools to help you stay safer online

Device Protect Security Suite

To help you get maximum security against phishing, malware, viruses and active scams, we've joined forces with cyber security experts, Trend Micro™, to offer a complete Device Protect Security Suite.

It comes with a comprehensive set of tools including a password manager, personal ID search and more, so you can stay informed about your personal details and take timely action if needed.

Password Manager

Auto-fills, keystroke encryption and unique password generation, it's all included to help keep your passwords safe.

ID security check

Find out whether your personal information has been leaked in a data breach so you can take action.

Secure VPN

Turn public hotspots into a secure Wi-Fi connection via a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


Protect your financial transactions while online banking and shopping on your preferred browser.

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