Cyber security at Telstra and data privacy

Taking charge of your online security

We’re always working hard to tighten the security of our network and to provide you with tools that can help you do the same. Find out what you can do and how we can help.
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Industry-leading cyber security measures

Blocking millions of cyber threats every day

Our experts help block millions of threats like scams and malicious calls, texts and content, all in a day’s work.

Detecting SIM swap fraud

If a scammer gains access to enough personal information, they could request a new SIM in your name and take control of your mobile number. By detecting SIM swaps, we can help prevent fraud.

Bolstered Telstra account security

Helping to prevent scammers from accessing your Telstra account

Even if a scammer got hold of your username and password, two-step verification helps stop them from accessing your account.

Security settings in My Telstra

You can easily check your security settings in your My Telstra account and adjust them to suit your needs.

Helping ensure data stays private

We delete ID scans after 6 months

We’ll sometimes need to ask you to scan ID documents to check your identity. To help protect your privacy, we now keep those scans for only six months, down from two years.

You can access personal information we hold about you

You can find most of the personal information we hold about you through My Telstra and on your bills, or you can request access to personal information as well as call, SMS and data usage sessions.

An extra level of security with Telstra Device Security

Telstra Device Security (powered by McAfee) subscription helps protect against identify theft, scams and other malicious or inappropriate content so you can browse more safely. First 3 months on us, then $10/month.

For Telstra personal mobile or internet customers (excl. pre-paid). Roll onto standard mth-to-mth fees (currently $10/month) after 3 months unless you change or cancel beforehand. Cancel anytime.

Other support options

My Telstra app

Help made easy with the My Telstra app.

Multilingual Support

If you'd like to speak with us in your preferred language, we've got you covered.