How do I set up or manage Telstra Device Security?

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    About Device Security

    Your Telstra Device Security subscription helps protect your personal information and privacy from online scams. It includes McAfee’s Multi Access to download on up to 10 compatible mobile, PC, Mac, Android, iOS or tablet devices.

    List of McAfee’s key features available for mobile, PC, Mac, Android, iOS and tablet devices.

      Windows macOS Android iOS
    [terms]Helps protect your devices and personal information from the latest malware threats.
    Yes Yes Yes No
    Safe Browsing (WebAdvisor for Windows)
    [terms]Alerts you before accessing dangerous websites or scam links in your email or SMS, so you can feel confident online.
    Yes Yes Yes Yes
    [terms]Helps keep hackers and malware from attacking your computer by blocking access to suspicious activity.
    Yes Yes No No
    Wi-Fi Scan
    [terms]Scans your Wi-Fi network to check that it’s safe to use and alerts you to turn on your virtual private network (VPN) if needed for a private online connection. 
    No No Yes Yes

    Identity protection
    [terms]Helps prevent your personal information from being used illegally, with alerts and advice on what to do if it’s been exposed in a data breach or found on the dark web.

    [terms]This is included in your iOS and Android app. Or you can set up on your Windows or macOS device by visiting McAfee

    Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Password Manager
    [terms]Generates and auto-saves your passwords so you can instantly sign into your favourite sites across your devices. You can create up to 5 different Password Manager accounts (if you need multiple accounts for you and your family) that can be accessed on any device using the True Key app on Android and iOS, or through the True Key browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Edge on Windows PC and macOS.
    Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Parental Controls
    [terms]Content filtering for websites and apps by category or age rating for peace of mind when your kids or younger family members are online.
    No No Yes Yes
    Protection Score
    [terms]Protection Score monitors the health of your online protection to help you improve your security and stay safe online.  
    Yes No Yes Yes
    Secure VPN
    [terms]Unlimited VPN provides bank-grade Wi-Fi encryption to keep your online activities and personal information private and secure.
    Yes Yes Yes Yes

    There shouldn’t be any noticeable impact on the speed and performance of your compatible devices after installing McAfee’s software.

    Set up Device Security

    Add Telstra Device Security to your post-paid mobile or home internet service as follows:

    1. Sign in to Telstra My Offers with your Telstra ID
    2. Choose the service you’d like to add your Telstra Device Security subscription to and select Redeem
    3. Enter the one-time PIN verification sent via SMS. If redeeming against a home internet service, the verification PIN will be sent to the contact mobile or email address listed on your account
    4. You’ll be directed to the McAfee website to create or sign in to your existing McAfee account to complete sign-up (you’ll receive a confirmation SMS or email once complete)
    5. Your subscription is now active. You’ll be directed to your McAfee account page to download McAfee Multi Access.

    You’re not protected unless you download McAfee’s software on each of the devices you want to protect (remember you can protect up to 10 compatible devices).

    1. Go to McAfee
    2. Sign in to your McAfee account (enter the email and password you used to create your McAfee account when you signed up)
      • If you’re on a Windows or Mac PC, select the type of device you want to install McAfee Multi Access on; if you’re on a mobile device select Downloads & Devices
      • If you’re using the device you want to download McAfee’s software on, select Download and follow the prompts
      • To download onto another device, select Send Link and enter either an email address or phone number to receive an email or SMS on that device. Open the email or SMS on that device and click on the download link and follow the prompts.

    For more detailed how-to download instructions or videos, you can visit McAfee support

    You can find more information and videos on how to download and install McAfee Multi Access on McAfee support or contact us.

    Visit McAfee to find out more about setting up parental controls.

    Manage Device Security

    Telstra Device Security is a month-to-month subscription. You’ll be charged the full month subscription on the same day each month. This date may not necessarily align with your Telstra billing date, as it’s the date you purchased the Telstra Device Security subscription. If you cancel your Telstra Device Security before the end of your subscription month you will not be entitled to any refund of service for that month. You can continue using McAfee Multi Access until the next billing date.

    No, only Telstra Device Security will be included on your Telstra bill.

    You’ll need to cancel your existing Telstra Device Security subscription first, to be eligible to redeem it against another eligible Telstra post-paid mobile or home internet service. You’ll need to complete sign-up with McAfee again but can use your existing McAfee account details.

    Cancel my service or subscription

    If you cancel your Telstra service, then all your subscriptions under this service, including Telstra Device Security will be automatically cancelledYou’ll only be protected until the end of your offer period or until your next billing date.

    Your subscription is paid month-to-month so you can cancel anytime through My Offers. Go to View Details to see your subscription information and select Cancel Payment to cancel your subscription.

    We suggest cancelling at least 1 day before your monthly subscription renews so you’re not charged for another month.

    You’ll still have access to McAfee Multi Access until your next billing date, or if you cancelled within an offer period, you’ll have access until the end of your offer period. Remember to remove McAfee’s software and any saved data from devices.


    Many streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon prevent you from accessing content through a VPN. If you can’t access a website or app when using McAfee’s VPN:

    1. Turn off the VPN feature in the software you downloaded on your device
    2. Try the website or app again
    3. If you still have a problem even after turning off McAfee VPN, check to confirm there’s no other VPN service running on your device
    4. Visit McAfee support for further troubleshooting if the problem isn’t resolved.

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