Shop online securely

We don't need to talk up the convenience of shopping online. But we can definitely give you peace of mind about how secure it is nowadays.


Gone are the days of using your favourite childhood pet's name as a password. While you're shopping online with Telstra, there are lots of things going on behind the scenes to ensure your information stays secure. These include multi-factor authentication to identify you and encryption to help keep your credit card information safe. And to help avoid other people getting their hands on your data, we only store what's essential.

How we keep you safe

We encrypt and store your essential info only

When you use your credit card online, encryption converts sensitive, identifying information (like parts of your credit card number) into a complex code. This makes the information unreadable - except to the authorised party. Data encryption is a secure way of storing information. It's also good to know that your encrypted data is stored on Australian servers. 

We give you one safe space to store your personal info

It's called a Telstra ID and it's your gateway to the My Telstra app. It brings everything together for secure online account management, payment and purchases (not to mention a host of great perks). Once you have both tools, you’ll have a range of inbuilt security measures at your fingertips, such as unique passcodes and multi-factor authentication.

We have activated multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) offers several layers of security - especially important when you're making an online purchase via the My Telstra app. Much stronger than a password alone, it protects your information and helps prevent identity fraud every time you access your account using your Telstra ID in the My Telstra app.

Keeping yourself safe

Whether it's an upgraded phone plan or a shiny new device, shopping online with Telstra means your personal info will always be protected using the gold standard methods we talked about above. But to be on the safe side, there are some extra security measures you can put in place. The good news is, they only take a few minutes. Here's your checklist:

Register for your Telstra ID and download the My Telstra app

This is your entry point into a world of secure transactions with us. Once you have your Telstra ID and have downloaded the My Telstra app, you’ll have access to extra security measures like a one-off code, a Telstra PIN and multi-factor authentication.

Keep your devices up to date

Switch on auto updates for operating systems and web browsers. As the updates install, so will the latest security features.

Activate biometrics on your device

Put simply, they’re the face or fingerprint ID features available on Android and iOS devices.

Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is secure

We strongly recommend not sending your confidential information over a public network as it’s so much easier for cyber criminals to get hold of your details.

Create a strong password

A password manager is a great idea. You only need to remember one password, it’s securely stored and it’s great for keeping pesky hackers at bay.

Delivering to your expectations

What you order from our website is exactly what you should receive.

To make sure our product info is accurate, we publish the same images, specifications and technical details of devices and accessories that the manufacturer provides us with. Most of the time, you will get exactly what you looked at, read about, and paid for. Occasionally, you won’t. If that happens, here’s what you can do…

Refunds, replacements and returns

Let’s say you receive your new product, only to find out it’s not what you ordered. Maybe it's the wrong colour, wrong storage size, it doesn’t work as promised, it's damaged, or there was a payment mistake during checkout.

These are all good reasons to request a refund. Please get in touch with us as soon as you can and we’ll find the best solution for you. It’s worth remembering that how you paid for it in the first place will determine how we refund your purchase.

Supporting our refund policy is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you also enjoy certain protections under Australian Consumer Law. In other words, if you're not happy, you can pursue important consumer rights which may entitle you to a refund or replacement.

service you purchase is also covered. There are several reasons for seeking a refund, including if the service doesn’t work, or wasn’t installed properly.  

Whether you're using Call and Collect or home delivery, you're covered. 

Free delivery when you shop online

Order online from a range of products, with free delivery for orders over $100.

Frequently asked questions

A Telstra ID is the only login you need to access all your Telstra services. You may already have a Telstra ID if:  

  • You already use one of our online services. This could include the Telstra 24x7 app, My Account, Telstra Plus or AFL Live Pass 

  • You use Telstra Mail or have a BigPond or email address 

If you don’t have a Telstra ID, you can register for one here, it’s easy.

  • It’s best to sign in using your Telstra ID. If you install the app on a device that’s connected to the Telstra mobile network, you can use the app without using your Telstra ID, however, it limits what you can do with the app  

  • For security reasons, if you are not logged in with your Telstra ID you won’t be able to use the app at all when connected to Wi-Fi. 

What if I’ve forgotten my Telstra ID? You can recover your username or reset your password online. 

  1. Open the App Store (for Apple) or the Google Play (for Android)
  2. Search for ‘My Telstra’ and select to install
  3. When the ‘End User Terms’ appear, select ‘Accept’ to start download
  4. Good to know: around 50MB (Android) or 100MB (iOS) of data will be used. Use Wi-Fi if you don’t want to use mobile data
  5. Once it’s finished installing, select ‘Open’, or find the ‘My Telstra’ icon on your screen to launch the app

If it appears to have a fault, is dead on arrival or is a different colour, model or storage size from what you ordered, contact us now.

Please leave your item in its original packaging and as untouched as possible.

If you need to make a claim under your device’s warranty, you can find out more about your rights when it comes to faulty products.