What’s multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) gives you an extra layer of protection to help you securely access and update your personal details in the My Telstra app.

Why do you need the extra security?

Having a password, even if it’s strong, may no longer be enough to stop people who want to steal your identity. Adding more security will protect your personal information whenever you access or make changes to your account in the My Telstra app.

Did you know?

In 2020, 74% of malicious or criminal cyber attacks reported involved identity theft. Source: OAIC Report on notifiable data breaches Jan-Jun 2020.

Our security features can help prevent unauthorised access of your personal details. Here’s how you can keep your details secure:
  • Telstra ID (what you have now)
    Your username and password that you sign in with. Create a Telstra ID if you don’t have one.
  • Telstra PIN (available on all devices)
    This is a 4-digit Telstra PIN that you create. It lets you manage your personal details and update your profile securely.
  • Touch ID, Face ID or biometrics (available on mobile or tablet)
    Use your face and/or fingerprint for extra security on your mobile or tablet, e.g. Touch ID/Face ID on your iPad or iPhone and fingerprint or face recognition on Android devices.

How it works

You’ll get a one-time 6-digit code

To set up the extra security in your account, we'll send you a one-time 6-digit code via SMS or email, to confirm who you are. Then, you can create your Telstra 4-digit PIN in the My Telstra app and add optional face and/or fingerprint recognition.

Set up and manage Telstra PIN and biometrics

Set up and manage a Telstra PIN and biometrics (Touch ID or Face ID on iPad or iPhone and fingerprint or face recognition on your Android device).

Create your profile

Your 4-digit Telstra PIN lets you securely access and update your profile. Go to the ‘Profile icon’ on the home page and select ‘Security settings’.

Update your personal details

Access and update your personal details securely with a Telstra PIN. For extra security you can also use biometrics.

Note: Telstra PIN capability is available in My Telstra for both the app and when you sign in online.

Tips on how to protect your account online

Activate MFA

Activate multi-factor authentication in the My Telstra app starting with your Telstra PIN.

Add biometric security

Face or finger recognition in Android and Touch ID or Face ID on iPad and iPhone.

Enable App Lock

Enable App Lock in the My Telstra app.

Create strong password

Create strong passwords and PINs that are hard to guess and don't use the same password on more than one account.

Use smartphone security

Ensure you use your smartphone and tablet’s security with automatic screen lock, PIN and/or biometric detection.

Set up Telstra Device Locator

Set up the Telstra Device Locator in the Get Help section in the My Telstra app in case you lose your mobile phone or tablet.