Faulty products – know your rights

Even with the great products and services we offer, we know that sometimes things can go wrong. The good news is you’ve got a number of rights when your product is faulty. We’ll help you explore your options under the manufacturer’s warranty, our policies and your legal rights called Consumer Guarantees.

Note that while this page deals with faulty products, consumer guarantees also apply in relation to services.  Refer to the document titled ‘Important Warranty Information’ found with Our Customer Terms information here - https://www.telstra.com.au/customer-terms/home-family for more information including about your rights in relation to relevant service failures. 

Our products, including mobile phones, have a manufacturer’s warranty which covers manufacturing faults with the product on particular terms set by the manufacturer. You’ll usually be entitled to a replacement or repair of your product if a manufacturing fault happens during the term of the manufacturer’s warranty period.

As well as the manufacturer’s warranty, we also have particular Telstra policies by which you may be entitled to have your device replaced. For example, in relation to mobile devices, this includes our Dead on Arrival (DOA) and Early Life Failure (ELF) policies where you may be entitled to a replacement device if it stops working shortly after you bought it. Ask us about these policies and your eligibility by contacting your local Telstra Representative.

You’re entitled to a solution if a product doesn’t meet a consumer guarantee. Where a product is faulty, the solution will depend on the type of fault and whether that fault is ‘major’.

A major fault includes a fault that would make the product unsafe, substantially unfit for purpose (either the purpose for which the goods are commonly used or a specified purpose which was disclosed to the customer prior to purchase), or would normally stop someone from buying the particular product if they’d known about the nature and extent of the fault.

If your product has a major fault, you can choose whether to have it repaired or replaced, or to receive a refund. You may even be able to end the service contract that is connected with the faulty product. If your product doesn’t have a major fault we’ll replace or repair your device within a reasonable time. Goods presented for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. Refurbished parts may be used to repair the goods. If possible, you should back up your data as the repair process may result in the loss of any data stored on your device.

Please make sure you let us know if there is a particular solution you would like so we can capture and consider this when assessing your issue.

For more information about Consumer Guarantees and your return rights, please visit the ACCC website.

The manufacturer’s warranty, our policies and Consumer Guarantees don’t apply if you have damaged your device. This can include exposing a device to moisture (usually referred to as ‘liquid ingress’) or dropping it. Sometimes you might not know that you caused the fault. Even if you’ve caused damage to your device we’re still here to help. However, you may need to pay a fee to have your device repaired or replaced. An assessment fee can also apply.

If you're having issues with your Telstra mobile device or dongle and it's still within the 24 months from the purchase, you could be eligible for Device Care Express.

How does it work?

  1. Book an in-store appointment online and let one of our Tech Experts take a look at your device. They will help to run through some troubleshooting steps to see if they can resolve the issue on the spot.

  2. If the fault can't be fixed on the spot and the device is in warranty, they’ll request an express device replacement from Telstra Device Care. In most cases the replacement will arrive within one to two business days back at your local store.

  3. Our express system means that in most cases the replacement will arrive within one to two business days back at your local store.

If your device isn’t functional, you can ask for a temporary device to use while you wait.

Can’t make it to a Telstra Store? For interactive support, guidance, and troubleshooting, or to message us go to Get Help.

Before we can give you a solution, your mobile device will need to be sent to our trained technicians. Our experts will assess your device and check if there’s a fault and what caused the fault. It’s helpful if you provide as much detail about the fault as you can, particularly if it doesn’t happen all the time. Once your device has been assessed, we’ll let you know the outcome and if the mobile phone is being repaired or replaced, have it delivered to your nearest Telstra store or nominated address. We’ll let you know when it’s ready for in-store collection, usually by SMS. Once we’ve received your mobile phone, this process should take around 4-6 days, unless unforeseen delays occur. If this happens, we’ll contact you. 

If your device has a major failure and you’ve asked for a refund then we’ll contact you to confirm we’re processing your refund within 5 business days. We’ll refund you the amount you’ve paid for the device within 5 business days by cheque, electronic funds transfer to your nominated bank account or deposit onto your Telstra billing account, depending on what you’d prefer.

When a product is faulty, how do my legal rights compare to other policies and processes?

Customer questions Consumer Guarantees Customer caused damage Manufacturer Warranty DOA/ELF
How long is the claim period? For a reasonable period of time, depending on the nature and value of the product. This isn't covered by a manufacturer warranty, Telstra policy or consumer right. We're here to help you as long as you need it. The life of the relevant manufacturer warranty period (eg: 2 years for most mobiles phones). 30 days from purchase (or 3 days for Apple products). We'll swap your faulty device.
What is the cost? None. You're entitled to a solution free of charge. A fee to assess and resolve the issue. None. You're entitled to a solution free of charge. None. You're entitled to a solution free of charge.


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