Industrial Networks

Industrial Network For the Future

Building Industrial Network solutions to lead Industry 4.0 evolution and to enable businesses on their digitization Journey.

Key features

The road to automated future is the right network! A robust, reliable, and secure Industrial Network provides a powerful means of data exchange, data controllability and flexibility to link people, processes and devices.

Telstra have been helping Mining & Energy customers for many years transform their operations and build the foundation for a highly automated future.

Our team of experts can design, build/integrate, operate and maintain network platforms and application solutions; These include WiFi, microwave, satellite, shared & dedicated 4G and 5G networks, Telstra Dedicated Enterprise and Industrial Networks, cyber security products & services, collaboration and push-to-talk solutions that are aligned with Mining & Energy sector’s objectives and information security compliance

Private mobile network securely designed and deployed for Mining & Energy exclusive use. With high resiliency, availability, and low latency to provide this sector with the coverage, capacity and responsiveness to monitor mission critical production applications, connect dispersed, diverse and very remote operations, protect workers and enable “Smart Resilient Operations”.

Voice & Data

We provide expert advisory services for strategic development, operational improvement and technical advice across the lifecycle of the project.


Worker monitoring & virtual safety through use of Digital PPE, wearables and geofencing to restrict access to unsafe areas.


Real-time site video feeds from operations and mining areas for surveillance, inspections and maintenance.


Mission-critical Push-to-Talk & Video with integrated voice, applications, video and tracking in one device for worker safety & group communications.


High up-time, low latency broadband access for real-time high-definition video to support tele-remote operations, optimisation and condition monitoring.


Communications from sensors for asset health and diagnostics, position reporting, environmental monitoring, process control and optimisation.

Fleet tracking

Gain end-to-end visibility of your fleet and their environment. Act fast and better manage disruptions.


CAN delivers a “home like” experience for communications and entertainment in FIFO accommodation villages improving wellbeing.


Reduced network congestion and low latency

Support higher device density settings and prioritise mission critical applications and systems.

Improve network security

Promote innovation, leverage digital technologies and better manage disruption.

Rationalise and consolidate disparate networks

Direct financial returns through improving greater operational efficiency.

Promote safety

Know where your people are at all times, connect with people and machines securely.

Attract, Retain staff and reduce turnover

Improve staff wellbeing through enhanced camp services.

Why Telstra

Networks Tailored to your Needs

Secure-by-design, Telstra Network solutions that can handle large amount of data that vehicles, equipment and workers generate. Ample bandwidth and highly reliable connection to support mission critical operations as well as all voice and data communications to prevent injury and loss of life.

Robust Industrial Networks of the future

We build dedicated Mobile network, private LTE or Wi-Fi networks for critical control. We can also integrate your mesh, radio, wireless, satellite and fixed networks to create a single experience for your workers, partners, suppliers and customers.

Plan a smooth transformation

Improve safety and satisfaction. We can help you deploy reliable, high-quality connectivity to keep remote staff connected and boost surveillance and safety monitoring.

Telstra Purple 1500+ team of technical experts can support your transformation journey holistically – from a simple integration to a complex migration – across networking, data, cloud and beyond.

Getting started

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