Information about the service

Teletrac Navman GPS Fleet and Asset Management is a solution that uses Telstra’s mobile network to provide near real-time vehicle location, mapping, reporting, and mobile communication. There is also an option to use the Iridium satellite network when the vehicle or asset is outside of Telstra mobile network coverage areas.

Telstra has announced that it will be switching off its 3G (850 MHz) service on 30 June 2024

If you use Qtanium 100 or Qtanium 200 models, the services and related products you acquire in connection with the Teletrac Navman GPS Fleet and Asset solution, will be impacted and will no longer work from this date. 

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Teletrac Navman solutions are available to purchase through your Telstra Sales Representative or through our approved Telstra partner channels.

To take up a Teletrac Navman Solution, you will need:  

  • Hardware device
  • Software application 
  • Telstra IoT (M2M) data plan for each Teletrac Navman Hardware device and Teletrac Navman Application to access the Telstra Mobile Network.


You need to have a hardware device in order to use the Teletrac Navman solutions.

Hardware options include:

  • Qube 3640, VT102, SI201, RE400 or MT201 devices
  • Mobile Navigation Terminal (MNAV)
  • Satellite Communications Unit (Satellite)
  • Data Capture Unit (DCU)
  • Inovonics
  • OBDII Canbus reader
  • NavCAN 1 and 2
  • A full list of Additional parts is available upon request

Minimum term

If you take up the month to month option, there’s no minimum term.

If you take up a minimum term for software, hardware or accessories, a minimum term and Early Termination Charges (ETC’s) apply.

What's Included?

Month to Month casual Option

  • A month-by-month contract for the Teletrac Navman software application(s).
  • Upfront payment for hardware and other costs.

36 Month Contract - Hardware Repayment Option (HRO)

  • A month-by-month contract for the Teletrac Navman application(s).
  • A 36-month contract for the repayment of hardware and other components paid in monthly installments. 

The pricing for the VT102 and Qube 3640 purchased at RRP on the Hardware Repayment Option, includes a $200.00 (ex. GST) amount (per device purchased) paid to the dealer to contribute towards the standard installation costs incurred by your accredited Telstra Teletrac Navman dealer.

Accessory Only Option

An accessory only option where you separately buy supporting hardware. 

Fuel Tax Credit Manager Software

FTC Manager software can be purchased on a 12-month minimum term.

Heavy Vehicle Compliance Assistant

Heavy Vehicle Compliance Assistant software can be purchased on a 12-month minimum term.

What's not included?

  • IoT Data plan - you will need to separately purchase a casual month to month data plan. 
  • Installation

If you have made an Accessory Only Purchase

  • Install is not included with Accessory Only purchases and with Qtanium and Qube devices purchases

If you have elected to purchase the Satellite Communications Unit with the Monthly Repayment Option (MRO)

  • An Iridium satellite data service.
  • Installation.

Important Conditions

Satellite Communications Unit

In order to use the Satellite Communications Unit, you need to take up a satellite Iridium data service from Teletrac Navman.

All usage and charges associated with your Satellite Communications Unit will be billed directly by Teletrac Navman. These charges won’t appear on your Telstra bill. For more details visit

You'll also need to arrange for the installation of your Teletrac Navman hardware if you purchase a Satellite Communications unit. 

Information about pricing

Charges and GST

All charges in this Critical Information Summary are exclusive of GST.  Refer to the pricing table on the next page of this document for full details about applicable charges.

Suggested Data Plan

To take up the Teletrac Navman solution you will need to separately purchase a casual month to month data plan. There are different data plans available and we recommend the data plans below. These must be purchased from us separately.

Product          Minimum Monthly Data Plan Size Required
Mobile data plan  VT102, RE400, SI201      50 MB
Qube 3640   5 MB
MT201 300 MB



Upfront Price (ex. GST)

Repayment Option (ex. GST)

Minimum cost over 36 Months (ex. GST)



RE400 asset tracking device




Solar tracking device $595.00 NA NA





Qube 3640/VT102

$50.00 $1,800.00
S1201 $325.00 NA NA
SI021 & installation kit $385.00 NA NA


 Upfront Price (ex. GST) 

 Repayment Option (ex. GST) 

 Minimum cost over 36 Months (ex. GST) 

 Satellite communications unit




 Data Capture Unit




 OBDII Canbus reader








 NavCAN 1




 NavCAN 2





Software Monthly Price (ex. GST)
Director Professional for Qube 3640,  VT102 and RE400  $35.00
TN360 for VT102, SI201 and MT201 $35.00

Optional Software

Optional Additional Software Monthly Price (ex. GST)
FBT Intelligence application $10.00

Fuel Tax Credit Manager (12 month minimum term)

Fuel Tax Credit Manager application (Bronze or Silver) is an add-on to the Director Professional or TN360 application. Fuel Tax Credit Manager application requires an installed and operational

  • Qube device and Director Professional or
  • VT102 device and TN360 application
to function.


 Monthly Price (ex. GST)  

 Minimum cost over 12 months (ex. GST) 

 Bronze software – Self-set-up



 Silver software – Teletrac Navman set-up with up to 100 unique geofenced sites  



Heavy Vehicle Compliance Assistant

You must purchase the MT201 hardware item and the MT201 Compliance Pack.


 Monthly Price (ex. GST)  

 Min cost over 12 months (ex. GST) 

 MT201 Compliance Pack (no data)– RRP



Heavy Vehicle Compliance Assistant

Hardware (Upfront payment) 

 Upfront Price (ex. GST) 

MT201 Hardware - RRP


VPM HV Connector


Driver ID+ Keypad


Driver ID and Swipe Card Reader


Tag for DID Reader


Driver ID+ Dallas Reader


Navman RFID Dots (4 RFID Rdr)


Navman DID Dallas Fob



Optional Additional Software

 Monthly Price  (ex.GST)  

 MT201 easy docs (no data)


 MT201 Smart Nav


 MT201 Messaging


 MT201 Forms


 MT201 Speed Assist


Minimum cost

Minimum costs will vary depending on the hardware and software combinations chosen.

Early Termination Charges

Month to Month casual option: No Early Termination Charge (ETC) applies. You may cancel your casual Teletrac Navman Solutions without penalty at any time.

Hardware Repayment Minimum Term: Early Termination Charges (ETC) apply if you cancel your Teletrac Navman solution during a minimum term. The ETC is calculated as:

ETC = ETC Base x remaining months of the contract term


The ETC Base is set out in Part G – Data Services of Our Customer Terms.

For software

For certain software products which have a minimum term, we may charge you an ETC if your contract is cancelled or terminated (other than for our material breach) before the end of the minimum term. The ETC will be an amount equal to 25% of your fees and charges multiplied by the number of remaining months in your minimum term (plus any setup fees you have not already paid).

Other Information

Understanding my Telstra bill

On the same day of each month, you’ll be billed in advance for the Minimum Monthly Charge and for any usage during the month. Your first bill will include a portion of your minimum monthly charge, as well as the next month’s full minimum monthly charge in advance.

If you take up a month to month casual plan your first bill will include our upfront hardware charges.

We're here to help

You’ll find more information at

If you have questions about your bill, technical support service or connection, please call us on 13 2000 or our Disability Enquiry Hotline on 1800 068 424 (voice) and 133 677 (TTY).

Complaints or Disputes

If you have a problem or complaint about your service you can:

Further Investigation

If we can’t resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. For full contact information go online at /contact-us

This is a summary only. The full legal terms for Teletrac Navman are available at

* Telstra does not provide installation of Teletrac Navman devices as part of its standard offering without an additional charge. The pricing for the Qube 300 and the Qtanium 400 purchased at RRP on the Hardware Repayment Option, include a $200.00 (ex. GST) amount (per device purchased) paid to the dealer to contribute towards the standard installation costs incurred by your accredited Telstra Teletrac Navman dealer. ™ are trade marks and ® are registered trade marks of Telstra Corporation Limited ABN 33 051 775 556.

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