Telstra Group corporate restructure

The Telstra Group corporate restructure was completed on 01 January 2023 and we’re now operating in the new structure.

The restructure involved the establishment of the new Telstra Group Limited as the head entity of the Telstra Group, and the movement of entities, assets and liabilities within the Telstra Group. The restructure was an internal legal reorganisation and has not itself resulted in any immediate change to the underlying assets or business activities of the Telstra Group.

Telstra Group Limited is now the head entity of the Telstra Group, a group of companies set up for future growth by increasing the transparency of our infrastructure assets, improving focus on our infrastructure and customer businesses, and creating greater flexibility to create additional value for shareholders.

For Telstra home, mobile and small business customers

Access more information about the legal restructure in the FAQs below.

For other customers, suppliers, shareholders, and partners

Access FAQs and timeline updates if you’re an Enterprise customer, supplier, shareholder or partner.

Frequently asked questions

We’ll continue to focus on investing in the networks that enable our customers to thrive in a digital economy and creating the best possible service experience. We get that our customers shouldn’t have to think about the technology; they just want it to work when and how they need it, and to be affordable.

To do this, we need all telecommunications technologies to work together to meet the growing demand for data and to support our digital interactions.

So, having the InfraCo and Amplitel businesses solely focussed on optimising every aspect of our networks infrastructure, and Telstra Limited using the latest software, radio technology, electronics and network smarts to bring it to life  and provide the best coverage and customer experience in the industry, will help us achieve this.

Telstra reviews its banking arrangements from time to time, but this isn’t related to the legal restructure. If there were any changes to how you pay for your Telstra services, we would let you know ahead of time so you could update any systems with the new payment details.

Your account and services were transferred internally within the Telstra Group from Telstra Corporation Limited to Telstra Limited on 01 January 2023. This won't impact your account or services or how you contact us, and there's nothing you need to do.

Other customers, suppliers, shareholders and partners can find more information here.

Impact on other services

If you’ve got a Foxtel from Telstra service, it'll continue to be provided by Telstra Pay TV Pty Ltd and included on your Telstra bill.

If you've got a third party streaming service that you've agreed to have billed on your Telstra bill, this will continue.  However, once the restructure has taken place your Telstra bill will be issued by Telstra Limited.

No. Our commitment to providing improved and expanded mobile coverage to regional, rural and remote Australia hasn't changed.

Our focus will continue to be on creating innovative products and services, supporting customers, and delivering the best possible customer experience – regardless of whether our customers are in metropolitan or regional Australia, or international.