Information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

In November 2020, Telstra announced a proposed legal restructure of its organisation. This will involve establishing a new holding company for the Telstra Group, the creation of a number of new subsidiaries and a transfer of certain assets to the new subsidiaries.

This legal restructure is a key part of our T22 strategy and will enable us to better realise the value of our infrastructure assets, take advantage of potential monetisation opportunities and create additional value for our shareholders.

Subject to obtaining shareholder and court approval, we expect the legal restructure to be completed by the end of June 2022.

We will still be the same Telstra that has been connecting Australians for more than 100 years, except we will be structured in a way that will deliver the best outcomes for the Telstra Group as a whole.

For the vast majority of Telstra’s customers, partners and suppliers, there will be no impact on the products, pricing, services or support you currently receive from us or provide to us.

The only change will be that the contract you have with us may be transferred to a different legal entity within our group structure, or the entity your contract is with may be moved to another part of the Telstra Group.

More information is available in the legal restructure FAQs.



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