EagleTrack Vehicle and Asset Tracking Solution

Keep your business moving smoothly

Stay connected with your entire fleet with advanced tracking and telematics technology. This low-cost solution from helps you maximise your investment, and minimise your risks.

Key features

Live and Historic Tracking

Use real-time data from your fleet to make informed decisions 24/7 via our web-based platform, EagleTrack. Track location, direction, speed, route, mileage, engine idling and much more to generate real costs savings benefits. View the journey history of multiple vehicles with the history replay tool which overlays the vehicle's travel route.

Asset Tracking

EagleTrack not only tracks your vehicles but also important and valuable assets to your business. There is a range of tracking devices including solar power and Bluetooth trackers to suit a variety of assets. All of our asset trackers are designed to withstand tough weather conditions.

Waypoints and Proximity Searches

Save customer sites or office location as waypoints, proving the ability to report on entry and exit, speed at site and holding times. Alerts can be raised to notify of waypoint activity in real-time to allow your business to respond early. Locate vehicles with a proximity search to find out if a vehicle has been within a location in a set period.

Dashboards and Reports

EagleTrack digests and presents fleet data into tables and graphs. Dynamic dashboards give you the visibility to see fleet trends and identify specific areas for improvement. Export reports to keep a record of all the information on files.

Fringe Benefits Tax

Our module allows you to easily report on Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) exemptions. This process completed on a mobile app by the driver at trip commencement, saving time and ensuring fast FBT reporting.

Alerts & Notifications

Alerts can be customised for almost any event in real time. This gives you the ability to proactively manage your fleet and act immediately when an event occurs before it escalates.

How it works

Satellite GPS. Fleet Vehicle with Telematics Device. Australian Based Platform. Fleet Manager.

Satellite GPS - Fleet Vehicle with Telematics Device - Australian Based Platform - Fleet Manager.

Fleet vehicles are a workplace and there are many operational costs associated with keeping vehicles on the road. Vehicle fleet managers will be seeking data that allows them to make better decisions about how to help improve fleet utilisation, operational efficiencies, lower vehicle maintenance costs, and improve driver safety. The solution is designed to assist organisations in reducing the risk profile of their fleet, benefitting their own staff and the public.

  • Am I providing a safe work space for my drivers or customers?
  • How is my fleet being utilised and driven?
  • Is there an opportunity to reduce operational costs?
  • Are my drivers complying with all necessary rules and regulations?
  • Is driver behaviour compromising the safety of other road users or members of the public?
  • Am I minimising my exposure to reputational and brand damage?

Hardware for vehicle tracking

EagleTrack delivers invaluable information to businesses so they can gain control, manage and review their fleet and mobile workers. We offer two vehicle tracking units, a simple to use plug-in solution or a hardwired tracking unit. Both units are designed to be tucked away and out of sight of the driver and provide 24/7 tracking. Our units are of premium construction and are built to last.

Plug & Play Vehicle Tracking Unit 4G

  • Plug and play
  • Zero maintenance
  • Built-in 30mAh battery

Hardwired Vehicle Tracking Unit 4G

  • Wired installation
  • Large 1000mAh battery
  • Wiring loom included

Solar Tracking Unit 4G

  • Designed for extreme conditions
  • 4 hourly reporting frequency
  • Operates indefinitely when outdoors with access to sunlight

Cat-M1 Tracking Unit

  • Up to 5 year battery life with zero maintenance
  • 24 hour reporting frequency with additional periodic updates possible via the Telstra Bluetooth Finder Community

Cat-M1/Bluetooth Tracking Tag

  • Up to 4 weeks per full charge on its rechargeable battery
  • 20 minute reporting frequency when asset is moving with additional updates via Bluetooth Finding Community

Bluetooth Tracking Unit

  • Up to 5 years battery life with zero maintenance
  • Periodic reporting frequencies via the Bluetooth Finding Community

Powered Asset Tracking Unit 4G

  • Rugged ABS enclosure
  • 2 minute reporting frequency when asset is powered
  • Sealed wiring loom included

Software for vehicle tracking

Driver App

The EagleTrack Driver app allows you to connect with drivers while they’re on the road. Drivers can download the app onto their mobile phones, enabling pre-trip checklists, FBT declarations and more features right at their fingertips. The app integrates with the tracking device and EagleTrack software, centralising all vehicle and driver inputs in one system.

Pre-Trip Checklist

The integrated tracking unit and driver app prompts drivers to login and complete a fully configurable pre-trip checklist at the commencement of a shift or trip. This information is time and date stamped and stored on the EagleTrack platform where Management can be notified of failed requirements.


Why Telstra

Telstra have almost 20 years experience in telematics solutions, and in 2017 purchased MTData, which is recognised as an industry leader in telematics solutions. EagleTrack Vehicle and Asset Tracking Solution is an MTData product, which brings together Telstra's expertise in managing devices on its IoT network with one of the most highly regarded platforms in the industry. We have created a very capable, feature-rich telematics solution, that also adds asset tracking for cost-conscious fleet managers.

Use your vehicle and asset tracking devices with confidence that they have all been tested on Telstra’s 4G networks and have full been fully approved to operate by the Wireless Device Technical team.

A software solution designed and supported in Australia, the EagleTrack team will give your organisation a solution specifically designed for the Australian environment

The EagleTrack Driver App is a smartphone-based application for drivers with a simple pre-trip checklist with signature, and for drivers to log in and log out of vehicles. As well as an ATO class-rule approved Fringe Benefit Tax logbook. This allows fleet managers to improve compliance, safety, and productivity. It is a paid-for optional feature.

Getting started

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