Visibility Imports

Turn international freight data into decisions and reduce operational costs

Visibility Imports seamlessly combines data from across your supply chain to bring you a single source of truth for tracking and reporting your ocean freight, regardless of your shipping line or freight forwarder.


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Supply chains are the lifeblood of any business organization. To create resilience and competitive advantage businesses need to adapt their supply chains to meet customer needs and operate in the ever-changing digital world.

At telstra we are developing a roadmap to help businesses unlock the value of technology-enabled, data-powered, customer-centric supply chains.

Beginning with visibility imports the first in a suite of connected supply chain products backed by our network of enterprise partners

and technology investments across 5g, data hub, telematics and the largest IOT network in Australia.

Telstra's connected supply chain visibility import tracks ocean freight imported into Australia, by any carrier from any port around the globe.

Our research identified visibility and automation as key enablers for future supply chain management, with 50% of leading enterprises planning to expand investment in real-time transport visibility solutions by 2023.

Visibility imports highlights the complexity in supply chains that causes unpredictability, delays, penalties and poor customer service.

Merging real-time data across disparate systems, into a single source of truth for tracking and reporting, with little input or data crunching on your side.

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  • Customer Purchase Orders
  • Shipping Container Information
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Marine Traffic
  • Australian Ports & Customs Clearance]

Be confident that your data is hosted on Telstra's secure and trusted platform in Australia.

With secure end-to-end freight visibility telstra can help businesses better control their supply chain and enable cost reductions, operational efficiency, and superior customer experience.

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  • Reduced Costs, Better Margins
  • Optimised Operations
  • Improved Customer Experience]

Visibility imports will help businesses adapt their supply chain to meet customers demands and become proactive and resilient.

To find out more about how visibility imports can help transform your supply chain operations, visit

Through our data integration partners Telstra Visibility Imports provides coverage on multiple shipping lines, vessel ETA’s and customs clearance into Australia. Once we import the data, this solution enables you to locate, track and identify ocean freight in transit enabling you to take corrective action and optimise your business operations, such as:

  • Work with suppliers, shipping lines etc. to help speed up the journey when your freight has been delayed
  • Move existing stock on hand to create room for purchases that will arrive early
  • Set expectations to the wider business when you know stock will be arriving late

This solution highlights the complexity in supply chains that causes unpredictability, delays, penalties, and poor customer service. Merging real time data across disparate systems and sources, cleansing, normalising and enriching to help provide a single source of truth for tracking and reporting with little input or data crunching on your side. On top of this, helping to provide confidence that your data is hosted on Telstra’s secure & trusted platform in Australia.

Key features

Predictive tracking and ETAs​

Track & predict shipments, PO’s, products or SKUs to improve stock in transit forecasting

Custom search and notification engine​

Configure searches, create tags, get ​notifications for faster decision making

Data integration, security and quality

Cleansed, normalised and enriched data from multiple sources, hosted in a secure & trusted environment in Australia

System and process agnostic​

Simple deployment complimenting existing IT systems and processes - minimising the effort and costs of integration.

Intuitive single source-of-truth​

Visibility of exceptions across late, on-time and early shipments within a single portal.


Predictive, live ETA on all your imported goods

Track shipments, PO's, containers, products or SKUs and forecast estimated time of arrivals to better manage your early or late freight by exception

Make higher quality decisions faster with timely, accurate freight data

All your data in one place enabling historical analysis and data driven decision making

Improve customer response times and superior customer experience

Predictive status updates at any point in the journey will provide higher assurance to your customers and will enable your business to proactively manage customers and their queries

Reduce operational costs

End-to-end freight visibility will enable your business to greater forecast and plan labour, storage and transport costs accordingly in addition to reducing the risk of late penalties and the costs involved


Awards and Recognition


IOT Breakthrough Award 2021

IoT Enterprise software company of the year


IoT Global Awards 2020

Research & development or new launch category


End-to-end visibility is critical. It’s not just the need for visibility of our own operations, but also our logistics partners so we can keep our end customers informed and continue to deliver on our service promises. Increased visibility can help address challenges not only in freight tracking, but also in managing customer expectations.

Michael Hughes, Market Logistics & Planning Manager, MARS Petcare Australia

Why Telstra

Telstra is uniquely positioned as the ideal supply chain technology partner connecting the ecosystem.

A natural extension of our technology investments: 5G, IOT, Telematics and Data Hub.

Neutral and stable party in the supply chain with existing enterprise relationships.

Credibility in building and operating multi-tenanted secure platforms.

Getting started

Partner with us on your digitisation journey with a 90 day proof-of-value trial; with frictionless and minimal effort from your business to help get you up and running within 2-4 weeks with just 4 steps:​

  1. Data sample extract from your: IT system, Freight Forwarder report and list of your shipping lines​
  2. Data feasibility assessment: data mapping of systems and shipping lines​
  3. Activate data feeds
  4. Data cleansing, normalising and visualisation of the data in preparation for user onboarding

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