Hybrid Cloud the best of both worlds

VMware vCloud® Air™ from Telstra gives you the agility and convenience of public cloud with the freedom to run your application onsite, offsite or both.


Hybrid Cloud made easy

Expand your business into the cloud seamlessly. Ensure your data is protected, recoverable and accessible.

vCloud Air is a public cloud platform built on VMware vSphere, compatible with your existing data centre. It allows you to migrate existing onsite virtual machines (VMs) and workloads into and out of the public cloud with ease, using the same VMware tools you use now.

vCloud Air core service offering:       

  • vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud - single-tenant, physically isolated infrastructure dedicated to you. Offers the broadest set of capabilities. Ideal for high performance applications and large workloads. Pay a predictable monthly fee with our subscription service.
  • vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud – multi-tenant, logically isolated service providing performance and value. Expand your business seamlessly. Pay a predictable monthly fee with our subscription service. On-demand options are available if you purchase with SPP credits.
  • vCloud Air Disaster Recovery - Ensure your data is protected, recoverable and accessible with a cloud-based failover environment with recovery SLAs. Maintain critical business solutions with minimal downtime.

Select your preferred service and purchase add-ons to meet your needs.

You can also use VMware’s Subscription Purchasing Program (SPP) – a flexible and cost-effective way to order vCloud Air services.

  • vCloud Air service credits - Purchase pre-paid credits using VMware’s Subscription Purchasing Program (SPP). Pre-paid credits can be redeemed for Subscription and On Demand services.

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Using vCloud Air services

Telstra and VMware have teamed up to provide your business with cloud services that simplify hybrid cloud models including migration and management of workloads with common tools.

The first infrastructure location is in Melbourne, with further locations planned for Australia.

This public cloud infrastructure is ideal for:

  • Disaster recovery targets for on-premise and Telstra VMware Cloud deployments
  • Existing mission-critical and enterprise applications
  • Running seasonal workloads
  • Development, testing and deployment

Why us

  • Telstra IP network integration - The vCloud Air service is built into Telstra’s IP network backbone, providing abundant bandwidth.
  • Optimised cloud network – We’ve made it easy to extend your virtual private network to the cloud with Cloud Gateway. There’s no charge to connect and transfer data to the cloud over our Next IP network.  Extend your IT infrastructure beyond the physical limits of your data centre to the cloud, without changing how you do things.
  • 24x7 support– Get all the support you need to help you make the most out of VMware vCloud Air Services. We’ll also ensure that the services you choose will work alongside Telstra infrastructure services and other selected network services.
  • Choice of solutions by leading providers - The combined resources of Telstra and our technology partners ensure cloud services are innovative and high performing. Coupled with Telstra’s network and additional services to design optimise and operate your environment, you can tailor a powerful solution for your business.



Broadest OS and application support — the fastest path to cloud
VMware vCloud Air supports over 5,000 applications and dozens of operating systems that are certified to run on VMware vSphere. You can run your applications in the cloud with no changes required and trust that the foundation is ready to support your needs.


Built for hybrid cloud
vCloud Air is delivered as a secure and compliant cloud service using industry best practices. With inbuilt redundancy and high availability, vCloud Air is an extension of your data centre, allowing you to confidently move workloads and applications across vSphere-based clouds.


Comprehensive suite of vSphere management tools
VMware vCloud Air is built on the same platform as vSphere and is integrated with various management tools including vSphere Web Client, vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations, vCloud Connector and more.


Choice of block storage
Choose between standard or SSD-accelerated storage for workloads that require highest IOPs performance. Both options allow for effortless growth of Virtual Machine Disks (VMDKs) without downtime, and the flexibility to migrate across storage tiers based on your workloads storage performance demands.

Getting started  

1. Register

Register for the Cloud Services Portal, your entry point to the vCloud Air console. Monitor usage and access support for your service.

There’s no charge to register:  


2. Purchase

Get started with your vCloud Air service today.



Our pricing guide lists out all available resources and the fees that apply.


Want to pre-pay for vCloud Air services?

Use VMware’s Subscription Purchasing Program (SPP), part of our vCloud Air service credits offering. SPP credits give you the option to pay up front and get discounts for buying in bulk. Start with as little as one credit for $100, valid 12 months from purchase date.

Things to consider before you buy SPP credits are listed here.  

See our how to buy page for steps to purchase vCloud Air service credits. 


vCloud Air service credits



3. Configure
Once your vCloud Air service is provisioned you’ll receive your vCloud Air username and password.

Use the Telstra Cloud Services Portal to:

  • Access all your cloud services
  • Connect to your Telstra IP network
  • Manage Telstra users and roles
  • Access the support library and request support

Use the vCloud Air Console  to:

  • Manage your virtual data centres
  • Configure network services
  • Manage the lifecycle of your virtual machine instances

Access to vCloud Director for advanced management tasksUse the My VMware Portal to:

  • Check your subscription statusView and manage all your VMware product licences
  • Request VMware support

Charges for your vCloud Air service will only commence once your service is provisioned.

How to manage your vCloud Air service via the Telstra Cloud Services Portal

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