Your gateway to a hybrid cloud

Simply and securely connect to multiple
cloud environments all from one place.

Telstra’s Cloud Gateway won the Best Enterprise Service category in this year’s Asia Communications
Awards and was a Cloud Innovation of the Year finalist at the Global Telecoms Awards.


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Cloud gateway

When you’re accessing and managing public and hybrid cloud environments, you’re presented with a range of network challenges. You need to consider the reliability and security issues of public internet – while managing multiple vendors, portals and contracts. At the same time, you need to aim for high levels of performance and operational efficiency.

By deploying different cloud platforms, you can enjoy a number of business benefits. The Cloud Gateway changes the traditional method of connecting clouds into your private network.  Through its integration into Telstra’s IP VPN network, it makes your Telstra Cloud Services appear simply as just additional endpoints on your private network.  You will be up and running within 5 days and have the simplicity to change connection configurations at whim through its online portal. 

By bringing cloud and network together, Cloud Gateway gives you the tools to truly embrace rapid and dynamic test and learn environments. It also enables you to bring new products or services to market faster, through public and private clouds.

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Build flexibility in your cloud

Cloud Gateway provides you with private and dedicated connectivity to multiple cloud platforms.

  • Secure and reliable connectivity, pre-integrated into our IPVPN (Telstra IP network)
  • End-to-end service including data carriage, configuration and support, all from one provider
  • Simple access to your chosen cloud platforms from your IPVPN
  • Fixed monthly upfront charges
  • Low latency to all customer sites
  • Self service portal 

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Simply and securely connect to multiple Clouds

Fast and scalable private connection to one or more of your cloud providers via a single point of contact and with initial Concierge support to help you set-up fast

Secure and Reliable Private Connection

Easily access your chosen cloud platforms with a network that you can rely on. Our Next IP, Ethernet and Optical connectivity options give you improved security and application performance.

Flexible and Integrated Solution

Cloud Gateway lets you take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of a hybrid cloud strategy. Maximise flexibility with a choice of secure and reliable network-integrated cloud services – via a single service management experience.

Deploy and move workloads and applications

Cloud Gateway helps you securely move your compute and applications to the Cloud most suited to your business needs – to help you bring new products or services faster to the market.

Flexible connectivity to multiple Cloud environments

Take all the headaches out of managing workloads in today’s fast-paced IT environment. Cloud Gateway provides you with a secure private connectivity to multiple cloud environments, giving you flexibility to change bandwidth allocations across cloud platform to suit your agile DevOps model.    

Use for Hybrid Cloud and Disaster Recovery

Easily launch your hybrid cloud deployment while providing disaster recovery for your mission critical applications with a private connection, to ensure your business operates efficiently.


Telstra’s Cloud Gateway service is a simple way to access leading cloud platforms. It allows you to log in to a single console, where you can view and manage multiple cloud connections in one place.

Having all of your connections in one place makes it easier to understand the relationships between your Telstra private networks and your cloud services.

Whether you’re connecting to one or multiple cloud platforms – or adopting a hybrid cloud strategy – Cloud Gateway aims to offer a seamless, one-stop solution that you can scale as your workloads change and your business grows.

You can add Access Control List (ACL) for more control of your service, fine-tuning performance and network accessibility. Access Control List is an optional add-on feature in Cloud Gateway, which allows you to create a list of routing rules that can use to allow or deny traffic between your Telstra IP network service (IP VPN) and Cloud Gateway connection(s).

How Cloud Gateway™ works

There are four main aspects to using the Cloud Gateway service: purchasing a Cloud Gateway, adding a Cloud Gateway connection, configuring your connection and managing your Cloud Gateway. You must have a Telstra IP network connection established before purchasing a Cloud Gateway.

You can access the full user guide at the Cloud Gateway management console after you have purchased the solution, which walks you through each of these activities.

A smarter network puts you in control.

We bring cloud and network together

Our network lays a great foundation for providing network performance and security when you choose a compatible Public Cloud from Telstra. Plus you can buy and manage it all through a simple, easy to use portal.

We have partnered with best of breed partners to deliver cutting-edge technology.

End-to-end service

Including data carriage, cross connect in the hosting data centre, configuration and support.

The simplicity of an end-to-end solution from one touch point.

Roadmap of global cloud platforms

We’ll initially offer connectivity to a range of popular Cloud platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure and Office365, Telstra Cloud Infrastructure, IBM SoftLayer, VMware vCloud Air – with more infrastructure and SaaS platforms to join over time. 

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