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What’s new in cloud computing technology

Connecting not creating: Telstra’s cloud focus

Telstra is now sticking to connectivity and its roots as a service provider, as that's what the company is good at, says Telstra’s Jim Fagan

VeloCloud to deliver simpler software solutions

Mark Sherman outlines a new investment in VeloCloud, an innovative US based SD-WAN company, which simplifies and automates enterprise branch networking

Australian Business a global cloud leader, according to Telstra’s Jim Fagan

Jim Fagan, Telstra’s Director of Global Platforms, talks about how Australia is embracing hybrid cloud to move key business operations from a physical to online environment, maximising flexibility in the process.

Insights and Advice from our Cloud experts

Want to thrive? Take to the cloud

The companies who compete and thrive will be those who embrace cloud technology, says Jim Fagan, Director of Telstra Global Platforms.

Costing the cloud: is serverless more?

“The way that cloud providers charge for their clouds can be a dangerous conversation to enter if you're not equipped” - Travis Kane, Telstra Cloud Expert

Why visibility beats control in a multi-cloud world

“Giving your business visibility of all its systems no matter where they are in the cloud means you can see what's going on without more bureaucracy” - Travis Kane, Telstra Cloud Expert

The future’s low-carbon, thanks to the cloud technology

“From reducing energy use to increasing profitability, here are five ways to save your business – and the environment – through the cloud.” Michelle Bendschneider, Executive Director, Telstra Global Products

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OnDemand: Cloud and Shadow IT

This virtual event will connect you with cloud specialists and security specialists to help you realise the potential of the cloud while helping stay secure.

OnDemand: How Cloud is changing Business & Enterprise IT

There is no single app that will solve all of your business needs. How do you find the right apps, and ensure they work together?

OnDemand: Must-Have Apps to Simplify Business Needs

Using too many different apps can actually drag down your businesses productivity, and put your security at risk. Keeping it simple keeps you nimble.

OnDemand: Make the most of Microsoft Office® 365

Whether you’re new to Office 365, or want to improve your setup, this event will help you better collaborate with colleagues and be more productive no matter where you’re working.

Using Cloud for Big Data Modelling

Sydney Catchment Authority have implemented Telstra Cloud to streamline their high computer processing demands in the field of data modelling for Sydney's ongoing water supply.

Jurilique reduces their Carbon Footprint

Jurlique needed a way to connect its global team, store data securely and provide Jurlique with the insights to better understand and serve its customers.

Victoria Government

Emergency Alert was developed by Telstra in partnership with government and emergency service agencies.