How to build an ideal workforce engagement management solution

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With new and more demanding generations entering the workforce, companies face the challenge of offering captivating employee experiences—or getting left behind. This means investing in building a highly engaged team and ensuring workers have a fulfilling work-life balance while still achieving your business goals.

We’re therefore seeing industries shift the focus from workforce optimisation to workforce engagement management (WEM), moving from only monitoring productivity numbers to analysing data from all parts of the contact centre. According to Gartner (2018), 86% of organisations now consider employee engagement to be of equal or higher importance than other factors.

So, if you’re looking to improve and measure employee engagement, where do you start?

There are many options available on the market for WEM tools, so look at which features and capabilities are must-haves, which are nice-to-haves, and which ones you can live without (for now). That way, you’ll be ready to assess solutions, ensure your stakeholder needs are met, and put yourself in a position to make the best purchasing decision for the maximum return on investment.

What sort of things make up Workforce Engagement Management?

1. Quality assurance and compliance

A set of tools that come together to enable you to ensure that all interactions are handled effectively and efficiently

  • Quality management
  • Screen interaction and recording
  • Speech and text analytics
  • Voice of the Customer and employee performance

2. Resource management

Managing a successful contact centre means more than just hitting sales numbers. It also includes being sufficiently staffed, prepared for the long term, and ready to face day-to-day challenges.

  • Workforce planning
  • Forecasting
  • Scheduling
  • Time-off requests
  • Employee mobility tools

3. Employee Performance

It’s not just the contact centre that needs to perform well—every individual player on the company team should, too. To get your team performing at its best, track, manage, and boost service levels with tools that monitor performance, support employee development, and engage with workers in ways that motivate and drive results.

  • Employee performance and coaching
  • Knowledge management and employee development
  • Gamification, rewards, and recognition
  • Unified Communications

4. Deployment and platform considerations

Foundational to any WEM system is the platform software solution supporting it. When evaluating your vendor choices, consider deployment options, security parameters, and the depth and details of performance data and analytics.

  • Deployment
  • Access and security
  • Dashboards and analytics

What’s the next step?

We know that engaged employees create a better customer experience. It comes down to an engaged workforce making more meaningful connections with customers.

WEM focuses on the human side of your call centre to improve employee engagement. It helps you build a company culture that employees love, and it simplifies operations and increases efficiency, which then leads to bottom-line growth.

Just like your employees, every organisation is unique. You need a platform that supports your team.

Use this checklist to help you choose the best option.

Ideal workforce engagement management

Build an ideal workforce engagement management solution

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