Extend learning beyond the classroom

Access the world of immersive learning experiences
through video collaboration

TeleEducation helps educators provide an optimal learning environment that takes students beyond the walls of a classroom.

Our world class video conferencing solution means they can deliver a wider and richer curriculum to students no matter where they are located.

That means greater engagement can be driven through immersive learning.

Plus, through virtual meetings, teachers can collaborate more often with one another, and access experts or training to pursue their professional development.

Purpose designed and tested in the education sector, TeleEducation leverages our wide experience, advanced equipment, networks and support.

We’ll conduct usability audits, give training and provide Service Management to help ensure trouble-free operation and accelerated adoption.

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Help your organisation to get


A richer curriculum
Deliver a wider range of subjects through remote learning, teaching and collaboration, as well as virtual excursions.


Distance-based learning
Video conferencing can improve education access for remote students, and foster collaborative skills and motivation.


Stronger student engagement
TeleEducation can provide an immersive learning experience, especially when combined with a blended learning approach using electronic whiteboards, video, and online information.


Increased teacher satisfaction
With video conferencing, teachers can collaborate with each other, access training resources or global experts to foster their professional development. This is key to attracting and retaining high quality teaching staff.


Access to great learning experiences
Location no longer needs to curtail what students can see in class, TeleEducation opens up the classroom to worldwide experts and experiences.


Potential business impact

  • Richer curriculum
  • Immersive learning

Ideal for institutions with

  • Blended learning
  • Desire to deliver immersive experiences
  • Students living in remote areas