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At Telstra, we have a relationship with 90% of Australia’s ASX200 and we’re proud to be working closely with all types of enterprising organisations using tech for the benefit of their business, the community, their employees and customers. We asked Fiftyfive5 to conduct substantial research on our behalf to understand the impact of COVID-19 overall, and for the telco category specifically.

*This exclusive first hand insight into how COVID-19 is impacting all types of business and what it means for their FY21 priorities will equip you with meaningful data to support your case for change.


Are changing their supply chain management


Are identifying new revenue streams


Are purchasing new tech for remote work


Are optimising customer experience

For many of our customers, ways of doing business have substantially altered...


“We’ve had to go totally online and innovate our service design, as people could no longer come into the physical locations.”

Financial Services

“We’ve had to do some tweaking of the network just to adjust things. We purchased a new connector (VPN) so we weren’t all going through the same pipe.”

Retail Chain

“We’ve had to react quickly to this new environment… it’s been critical to be totally in control of our supply chain so we’re flexible enough to adjust to the ups and downs.”

Energy Company

“We were lucky that we had all our IT internally resourced, so we’ve been able to react really quickly. People I know in other businesses are now seeing the value of having this and looking to bring it in-house.”

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