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We get it. Every customer experience is different, from the environment it occurs in, to the type of support they require. That’s why a one-sized-fits-all approach to live support is never going to truly cut it.

We’ve partnered with the Vita Group and Teleportivity to bring a solution to the Australian market that offers instant on-demand information and live face-to-face human assistance. The right help, at the right place, at the right time.

We don’t just think it, we know it, because at our Telstra Customer Insight Centres (CICs) we have deployed this impressive new cloud based platform to enhance the way we support our own team and our customers attending the CICs. 

The CICs are world class experience centres, purpose-built to foster innovation and share insights through cutting edge technology. That’s why it’s the perfect fit, Telstra, our partner Vita Group and Teleportivity, three Australian organisations coming together to bring this game changing tool to market. 

Should you visit one of our CICs, you will see these at reception, and throughout each venue. If reception is unattended, a simple tap of the screen connects you to a CIC team member. 

The CICs are decked out with technology and we understand sometimes assistance may be required when operating equipment in rooms and area. That’s why we’ve put live assistance support screens in key meeting rooms for instant tech support.

In the coming weeks we will commence phase two of the deployment using Teleportivity's patented 'QRideo' (QR to video). When you see these in any of our spaces or meeting rooms throughout the CICs, simply scan the QR code or tap the NFC tag from your smartphone to be presented with relevant information and the ability to initiate a video support session with a team member (and no app required) - very cool! 

Additionally, through our partnership with Vita Group & Teleportivity we have installed Teleportivity demonstration stations, so that Telstra teams and customers can experience Teleportivity first hand and discuss how it can be leveraged within their organisations too.

At Telstra we are committed to bringing cutting-edge innovative solutions to market that can help give our customers that edge by boosting productivity and improving customer experience.

Reach out to your Telstra representative now to arrange a demo and experience the 'Teleportivity revolution'.