7 benefits of moving to Cloud Calling


  • Unified communications across your company
  • Scales with your business
  • Reduces infrastructure management headaches and costs
  • Connects mobile and remote workers
  • Instant access to the latest features
  • Greater Control

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A cloud phone system like TIPT offers distinct advantages over on-premise systems. These include benefits for your business and employees, as well as your network, data infrastructure, and IT resources. TIPT also offers integrated capabilities to address the challenges of today’s business environment; allowing your teams to access calling, messaging and meetings all within one centralised platform – across their devices.

So what are the benefits if moving to Cloud Calling?

1. Unifies communications across your company

Typical companies with an on-premise PBX use a mixture of business communication tools, including stand-alone fax machines, individual internet fax accounts, third-party audio and video conferencing, and web meetings. This approach typically lacks collaboration between the solutions. Further, as the services have accumulated over time, you may need to manage multiple, and sometimes redundant, bills from the various providers.

TIPT integrates your business communications into a single solution that includes voice, chat, audio and video conferencing, voicemail, and other unified communications (UC) features. It also

integrates with cloud-based and back-office business applications. This not only saves costs and

links your various modes of communication, but also reduce or eliminate multiple platform management, cumbersome billing, and cost tracking associated with multiple vendors.

2. Simplifies multi-location management

Maintaining and managing phone systems at multiple locations—especially where there are PBX hardware and phones from different vendors—can be a nightmare for IT. However, by having the entire phone system in the cloud, TIPT enables your team to manage the various locations on a single platform using a simple web interface from any location. This means you save the cost and headache of sending an IT person with telephony experience to remote locations to perform maintenance or make simple changes, such as adding numbers and provisioning new employees and software updates. It also eliminates the frustration of waiting for changes or repairs to be made by your provider.

3. Scales with your business

You can’t afford a business system that holds you back. You can’t wait for a provider to add a new number or send an IT person to a remote location every time you add an employee. And you can’t afford to be locked into inflexible systems.

As your business grows or your needs change, TIPT adapts. For example, you can easily add retail staff during the holidays or add extra finance workers during tax season, simply using the self-service portal – which is available via web browser.

You can’t predict where your business will be in two or three years, how many phone lines you will need, or how many locations you will have. A cloud-based system is inherently flexible and scalable.

4. Reduces infrastructure management headaches and costs

Buying and installing a new on-premises system can cost quite a lot. TIPT eliminates the need for up-front investments in costly PBX hardware, as well as separate building wiring for phones and data, and maintenance items such as additional cards required for adding new employees.

With TIPT, the entire infrastructure for your phone system resides in secure, onshore data centres with carrier grade reliability. You no longer need skilled IT staff to manage one or more PBXs, or the expense and distraction of traveling to remote locations or calling your provider to make changes or repairs.

5. Connects mobile and remote workers

On-premise phone systems lack direct connectivity to remote and mobile workers. With TIPT, mobile workers and those working from home are connected in the same way as employees in the main office. Additionally, with the Liberate add-on, you can give a Telstra corporate mobile all the features and functionality of a desk phone. Calls automatically follow workers wherever they go, and customers can see your business number rather than the employee’s mobile number. This offers customers greater confidence; and if the employee leaves the company, the number is easily transferred to residing staff. Therefore, customer loyalty is retained with the company, not the individual.

6. Instant access to the latest features

With TIPT, the latest security updates, features and capabilities are continually integrated into the system, which means you always have the most up to date version and advanced security.

The TIPT team continually work to create the latest innovations in business communications, enabling you to implement new features the moment they become available.

7. Greater control

While having your phone hardware and software on premise might seem to offer control, having it in the cloud actually gives that greater element of control that includes easier management. For example, with cloud calling, you no longer need to be in the same physical location as the phone system to manage it. When traveling or at home, you can make urgent changes to the system via a simple web interface using your laptop or smartphone. This direct access to the system also means you no longer need to deal with a third party or wait for them to make adds, moves, or changes.

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